Monday, 7 March 2011

17 Vintage Love Eyeshadow Palettes

For the Spring collection 17 at Boots have released a whole line up of products but for me these stood out the most. There are two versions palettes available and I had to get them both. At £5.49 I think these are well worth the money. 

Each palette comes in a quality handbag friendly and vintage style compact with a mirror inside. The good thing about these is the fact you won't mess up the pretty pattern as there's a plastic border around each of the colours to stop this happening, I'm sure Avon done something similar to this.

The colour pay off is just incredible and you barely need to press it to pick up the colour. On both of these palettes they meant it when they said 'Metallic' as it gives off that finish that's so smoothly intense and shiny.

Metallic Nudes- All different kinds of metallic earth and neutrals and I particularly love the first silvery cream colour in this palette

Perfect Pastels- All a metallic finish like the previous palette all pastel colours apart from the deep navy.
Purchased at Boots


  1. Wow, those really are pigmented! The closet Boots to me is like an hour away, but Im tempted to go soon as just for the Neutral one :S

  2. How pretty, i have to go get these.

  3. They look quite useful.
    Surprising pigmentation, actually.

  4. ohh I think I might have to get the metallic nudes! fabby

    Linsay x

  5. OOOH I love these! I don't think I can get them where I live :(