Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 20

N.Y.C Color Wheels, sometimes you can find them in pound shop nowadays. Though they haven't really been discontinued for long and you may be able to still get them from some Superdrugs.

Scarlet Letters- Consists of red, brown and mauvey tones. This is really nicely pigmented and a very smooth texture. Swirled together makes a beautiful blood red colour.

Pink Cheek Glow- Very very sheer, warm pinks, tans and whites. These both have a satin finish.
You can see on the colours swatched alone are barely visible and I'm ultra pale. Still has a smooth texture but limited pigmentation and it's fine to have a heavy hand on this.

Beauty UK Glitter Eyeliner- Picked this up from Superdrug, this isn't bad at all. The glitters are small but they aren't stingy. Not  great glitter like the Collection 2000 ones but what glitter eyeliner is? They're of course much better than some of the brands out there offering them for much more.
A nice metallic warm pink colour.

Carmex Mint- Carmex yet releases another flavour to the UK. I absolutely love Carmex but this one is my least favourite. It's a sweet mint and it's the same consistency as the other tubed versions. Just I don't think the scent goes with the formula somehow, it's weird. I do hope they'll release new scents maybe.. Hmm Apple.. Peach?

MAC Shadestick in Cakeshop- Comes from the 'Sugar Sweet Collection'  I probably don't give this one much love and it's my only shadestick, I don't think I like the formula as much as I do NYX Jumbo pencils. It's like a tarnished silver with pretty sparkles, just not creamy like NYX pencils. :)

Milani Lipstick in Royal Ruby- This lipstick is like Royalty to me, it has to be one of my favourite reds but it's hard to come by as Milani is not available in the UK.  It's creamy, lusciously pigmented and reminds me of a garnet jewel.  It's a rich and bright pink bluey red with gorgeous soft shimmer.
Yep, just look how much I've used of it. :)


  1. Royal Ruby looks gorgeous! I have the Beauty UK glitter liner and think it's pretty great :)

  2. The glitter liner, lipstick and shadestick look really pretty :)