Tuesday, 8 February 2011

MAC Eyeshadow in Seedy Pearl

So I wanted a nice frosty white pink to compliment some of my bold looks, this is what I chose from MAC.

MAC describes this as a 'Chilled Lavender Pink' and it comes under the 'Frost' finish. It's a cool pale pink with white undertones and has a very delicate iridescent shimmer that appears to be the lavender pink 

The pigmentation is not like I hoped, it could've been a lot better especially coming from MAC. I find I have to be heavy handed when dipping my brush into this shadow to achieve a nice pigmentation. I suppose it makes up for it in the texture being smooth, soft and lightweight.
RRP £11.50 and they seem to go up in price every year.

Purchased at MAC


  1. I think Silk Naturals makes a dupe of Seedy Pearl, called Hint.

    I really like Seedy Pearl and hit pan on mine :)

  2. Very cute and soft.
    I will buy 'pink freeze' and 'naked lunch' to complete my palette.
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  3. Phyrra- I didn't know that. Congrats on hitting pan! ^_^ I always find it an accomplishment and you find out that you really love something. x

    Mademoiselle Chanel- *Looks up the colours* thank you and I love checking out new blogs. XD