Thursday, 6 January 2011

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 19

NYX Jumbo Pencil in French Fries- A Bronzed Antique Gold this is my third NYX pencil in my collection and I can see myself using this as a liner too. NYX jumbo pencils are always so creamy, pigmented and opaque.
I've got the basic two wonderful shades which are Black Bean and Milk, which work superbly at bringing out the best of a shadow, especially glitters and shimmers as they seem to adhere to it. So I sometime use these over my Urban Decay Primer Potion then I apply this as a base and start working the shadow. An extra step but you do see results.

Revlon Pure Confection Highlighting Face Powder- Found at a pound shop, yes really. I think I love highlighters more than blush, seriously! I don't think I remember ever seeing this product at a counter. So maybe it was a 'Limited Edition' for a very short time?
Anyhow it's amazingly pigmented and applies beautifully. It has no chunky glitters just pure highlighting glow. This is perfect for paler skintones as it is quite more white based than the majority, although I can imagine it looking lush on other skintones too.

Maybelline Foreverstrong Nail Color in 101 Timeless Taupe- A pearly mauve toned taupe.
For some reason I tend to reach for older polishes much more than my newer ones. I absolutely love the older Maybelline packaged nail polishes so much more than their newer ones. They just seem to glide on better, leave a better finish and last longer, actually all around better. So I always keep an eye out for the oldies, *hints Ebay*

 Flower By Kenzo- One of my many Xmas presents from my Mum and I really wanted this fragrance. The scent I'd describe is like walking into a sugary sweet flower garden. It lingers on and lasts all day and such a beautiful feminine fragrance.


  1. Ahh nice choice! I love the NYX jumbo pencils as well! I'm giving away two in my future giveaway.. Got about 4-6 of them I think.. >_<" Ugh don't remember.. I buy so much NYX. It's embarrassing..

  2. I have about 5 NYX jumbo pencils and I love them all (white, purple, silver/gray, brown, light brown). We have great steals (mostly polish) at our dollar stores sometimes, too.

  3. 나니- I love their lipsticks and jumbo pencils but you know what, I still haven't tried none of their eyeshadows yet :O

    Megan Harmeyer- It's amazing what you can find sometimes in cheap places like our pound shops. It really does give you a high when you find something good for little to nothing. :)

  4. I love NYX Jumbo Pencils but I don't have French Fries yet!

    I have the most amazing beauty-version of a pound/dollar store near me (though things arent actually $1) and I've found awesome discontinued stuff there. I've also found some products before they were officially launched here, like Revlon Peach Petal lipgloss :)

  5. I have French Fries too but it creases terribly )=

  6. SilhouetteScreams- Whoa that's really good, I'm jealous! x

    G A B Y- I find all creams do that to me unless I use primer underneath. Or shadow also on top. x