Sunday, 16 January 2011

Primark Intellilips

Yes, Primark does Smashbox O-Glow at only £2.00. At this price it's worth a try and there's a couple of things I have ended loving from their line, this happens to be one of them. 
The packaging is actually quite nice, giving it a comic book feel, a squeezy tube it is with a brush at the end, this means that you have to squeeze the tube to get it on the brush. It takes little effort and it doesn't blast you with too much product just the right amount.  

Intellilips comes out a thick clear colour on the brush, once you put it on the skin, it gradually starts changing in seconds. I think it has something to do with the heat from your skin if you ask me. My final colour was a nice lollipop pink.
Texture wise it's nice and thickish without any stickiness and no gloop strings whatsoever, even if you put a load on. The scent is very light which reminds me of candy floss and no evil taste either.

Longevity isn't that great the gloss does wear off quite quickly but there is two good points about it. Firstly when the gloss disappears you are still left with the colour and secondly when drinking I didn't make a mark on my cup just clear gloss was on it.

 The changing..
The gloss does looks more pink in person, just my flash likes killing things sometimes.
Purchased at Primark


  1. Love the packaging! The colour is lovely too. x

  2. Oooh, that looks nice. I have liked a couple of things from Primarni face range, actually!

  3. You won an award lady ! xoxo

  4. I've got this, I love the packaging!

  5. tackyblueyeshadow- You wouldn't think they'd have pretty well thought of packaging for the price. :)

    Robyn- I'll have to check out the face stuff. :D

    Sparklz and Shine- Ditto 3>

    Luna- Aww thanks so much! xx

    Lillian Funny Face- I woke up with pretty flushed lips this morning, because of this thing. :)