Thursday, 20 January 2011

Avon Color Trend Kiss 'N Go Lipstick in Sequin

These are the cheapest lipsticks going from Avon, at £3.50 each.
The shade Sequin reminds me of a dulled down version of Sleek blush in Rose Gold. So it would be the perfect shade to compliment this blush. The only problem I have with this lipstick is the fact that's it's sheer. It's not one of the sheerest I've had but it's certainly no descent colour payoff in one swipe. You'd probably have to get around three coats for it to be satisfyingly opaque enough.
The longevity is around average you'd probably get around an hour with it, depending on what you're doing.

The lipstick has a very light soft texture and I can feel moisture but it isn't too glossy.
It has a scent which is yummy vanilla and I detect no taste.

I'd probably like to try some others out with my next order to see how other shades compare in terms of pigmentation.

Purchased at Avon


  1. It looks lovely on you. I always forget about Avon...I must check them out.
    Zoe x
    My blog, Diamond Solitaire

  2. Looks really lovely on your lips! And the price is pretty good too.

  3. *Zoe*- They do sell some good stuff and at good prices, they always have a descent amount of offers. Plus you don't need an Avon lady no more just go online. :D

    G A B Y- Just wish it was a little more pigmented. :)

    Julia Mathias- Thank you! :-*

  4. One of my favourite lipsticks :D Was planning to review this today haha!

  5. I got it. It's so lovely color and has so creamy texture. I will buy one more lipstick from Color Trend in Pink Sunrice, what you think about it ? :)