Sunday, 28 February 2010

Blistex Lip Massage

Blistex seems to be one of the biggest lip care range in the UK and from about £2 so and so mark you can grab this fun and unusual product.

The massage tip applicator is very different to anything I've owned before. It's like a firm rubber with a few slightly embossed ridges. It's intended to smooth away rough spots but for that to work there should of been a lot more ridges, despite that I would recommend it as it's a very yummy moisturising balm with added SPF 10.

To get started you have to twist the bottom a fair amount of times, much like a click pen lipgloss but without the clicking.
The smell is very fruity and tastes sweet too, but it isn't an unpleasant taste. There's a refreshing cooling sensation when applied to the lips. The texture is quite thick but slippery and absolutely no stickiness, the finish has a subtle gloss look to it.

*remember to enlarge pics*

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Chocolate Orange EOTD

I kind of liked how this turned out, I wanted a warm look to it so I used a red based brown underneath the highlight.

Shadows Used- FrontCover Rainbow Eyes Palette (Chocolate Truffle, Blanc De Blanc, Carrot),
Cover Girl Shimmering Onyx.

Now for those of you that didn't manage to snap up this wonderful palette in the Holiday of 2008 will have a chance to get it at Boots at the end of Feb for a limited time only.
I don't think I'll be getting another one as much as I love it and use it, it's no where near finished.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Boots No7 Spring Collection Haul

Every season No7 decides to bring out a Limited Edition Collection. I think this one has to be the most unique so far. You can tell straight away from the lovely marble design packaging, though they could of added a mirror in the compacts.
There were some mineral lipsticks with this collection but they were all sadly sold out in the Boots I went too.
Baked Minerals is what they were going for in this collection, usually baked powders are usually very hard and rough in texture and just really bad pigment pay off. These are the opposite!

Natural Radiance Highlighter- A domed intense pigmented highlighter that will suit both warm and cool tones.
The consistency is very smooth and blends like butter. There isn't no chunks of glitter this just all reflective glow!

Natural Radiance Eye Palette- Gorgeous baked ball pans of fresh Spring colours. These are very soft and luminous and have descent colour pay off.

If you spent at least £22 you get this gift with purchase and usually Boots are very generous points and all. :)
The bag opens up with one large deep pocket with added two zipped pockets.

High Shine Lip Gloss in Smile- A really nice size of lipgloss which is a medium dull pink and indeed very shiny.
Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Khaki- Which is more of a nice Antiqued Gold than Khaki

Monday, 22 February 2010

*~Olive & Pink EOTD~*

So I finally found the reason why my eyes water, maybe because my hair likes to go in my eyes!
Also I'm not that keen on Cover Girl Lash Blast as much any more, I find it clumps way too easily.

Shadows Used- Collection 2000 Poptastic Palette, Bloom Eskimo and No7 Heavenly Palette.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

George Velvet Eyeshadows

Most of us are aware that George has clothing for Asda the Brit version of Walmart. They also have a makeup line in selected stores. Their nail polish are probably raved about most but I think their shadows need a look in too.
These shadows are super super pigmented, you barely have to touch them to get strong swipe of shadow. They are very extremely soft too. My only complaint of these are that they're quite crumbly when you put the brush to the pan, which I know some you don't like, to be honest I'm not bothered about it, as I can just blow or tap off the excess.
I did unfortunately drop one of them which was a dead ringer of MAC's Black Tied and it completely shattered to bits, so the shadow itself is very fragile so do take care.
I would like some more of them in my collection due to a lovely colour selection, insane pigment and very inexpensive. The packaging on these are pink but I've noticed they're starting to change these to black, they have a button on cases that opens them up so no broken nails to open them.

No.13 Punk Rocker- Icey medium pink

No.7 Candy - Pearly White Lavender

No.16 Aquatic- Out there shimmery aquamarine

No.11 Glow- Glowed out burnt soft tan

Monday, 15 February 2010

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 9

BYS Lip Liner in French Pink and First Kiss- These aren't ordinary drug store liners at all.
They are so pigmented and creamy. The weird thing about them is that they do not look like they'd be strong at all by looking at them in the pencil, as you can see from the pictures.

GOSH Single Eyeshadow in 282- Some of their products they don't like to name. This shade is a pretty electric sky blue.

Stargazer Pink Pout Pearl Eyeshadow- Which you can see the love on this one. It's a gorgeous pearly pink red.

Eyeko Creamy Cupcake Lipgloss- I wouldn't say this is a lipgloss but more like a moisturising balm. The glitter particles that you see in the pan don't show up on the lips. The main part of why I love this so much is that it has the most powerful yummy rich chocolatey cake smell. It has a slight sweet taste too. :)

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker in Baby Doll- A very sheer medium pale pink, lovely plumping gloss. As with all Soap & Glory lip products, they all have a sweet chocolate smell.
I love the tingly sensation with this, but don't apply too much as it will go gunky which I did on my lip swatch hence the small size pic. One swipe is enough. :)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mermaid EOTD & NOTD

Shadows Used- Bloom Eskimo, Cover Girl Shimmering Onyx, GOSH Single 282, Barry M LE Marine.

BYS Nail Enamel in Mint Ice - This is about 3 coats and really sorry for the sloppy application, sometimes it's good other times it's just plain bad ha.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Blue Lips

This is my Blue lip collection so far and from my point of view these brands are very scared of creating a proper insane pigmented blue lipstick!
I do remember having a really nice pigmented metallic blue lipstick from StarGazer, but sadly I had to toss it because it smelt like dying crayons.

NYX Glitter Gloss in Blue Glitz- So where's the glitter? Where's the blue? Not much gloss either.
The reason why I'm keeping it? Because it smells like Gumballs!

Lipstick in Blast O' Blue- This would be the most perfect Alien Shimmery blue if it had more pigment. This is from the C-Shock collection and is surprisingly a Lustre formula.

Cool Lip Jam in 101- This is a really cool and glossy, thick but nowhere as sticky as Lancome's Juicy Tubes. Lovely light reflecting blue sprinkles that cannot be felt. Smells lovely and fruity.
I do see myself needing to purchase Illamasqua Fetish Lipstick maybe this will be pigmented.