Monday, 13 December 2010

Barry M Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in 14 Pink

Barry M recently updated their liners in new packaging, new shades and also a newly improved formula, so they say?  I on the other hand do not agree. I think these are terrible compared to their older line. I adored their older glitter liners, packed with a ton of glitter goodness.
This new hot pink liner from the new line is so freaking sheer and very sparse glitter. I need about five coats to get this swatch. So I'm truly disappointed.

Yes so knowing me I'll get it to work but with a lot of coats. 
So why Barry M did you need to try and improve something that didn't need improving? It really didn't work. The old glitter liners will be sadly missed and I just hope Collection 2000 will never ever do the same thing. The best thing that could've happened is some new shades in their old formula. 

RRP £4.99

Purchased at Superdrug

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