Sunday, 5 December 2010

Avon Colour Rich 24K Lipstick in Ruby In Gold

The fact that this lipstick has been infused with real gold, intrigued me. It probably has hardly any but still it's sparkly and I love sparkles.

Ruby In Gold is of course a cool pinked red ruby shade but the gold sparkles makes it get away with being warm toned too.

This one is supposed to be a richer golden offspring to their normal ultra colour line. It's all in pale plastic gold coloured casing and the actual lipstick itself is imprinted with 'Avon'.
What got me is that it's called 'Colour Rich' the colour is absolutely not rich in terms of pigmentation. Of course there is pigmentation but what you're looking at is not a opaque lipstick.
Texture is very glossy but not sticky and the sparkles cannot be felt at all. I would say that it's a very hydrating lipstick. Just don't expect it to last long, but again saying that it wears off evenly and the sparkles seem to be left behind when the lipstick goes away. So if you hate sparkles, this is not for you.
Scent is very fruity and smells like melon, I usually hate all melon scents but I got to be honest I really like this one it doesn't smell cheap at all and I don't detect any taste.

RRP is £8.00 but it's currently on offer for £4.00 at the moment.

Purchased at Avon


  1. Oh that's such a pretty colour! Love those gold flecks :)

  2. it looks pretty !!!!

    thanks for sharing, i hadn't heard about this lipstick before !!!

  3. It's a really pretty color but I think that I'd be really disappointed had I bought it since it claims to be 'Color Rich', yet isn't very opaque. With that said, I still like it a lot.

  4. Emily- It also helps that they're not gritty. :)

    Lily Blue- You're welcome! x

    Katie- I feel the same. x