Monday, 29 November 2010

Revlon Matte Lipstick in 006 Really Red

I really love the texture of this lipstick it's so soft and creamy and definitely doesn't feel matte even though it is. Seeing as I've been disappointed with Revlon Superlustrous lipsticks lately not appearing to be very opaque this one is the opposite, I love the pigmentation in this lipstick and you know what, it's really making me want more of the 'Matte' lipstick range.

The colour is a really nice medium red, seems to have both orange and blue undertones to it. Usually I like my reds to be dark or extremely bright. This one is not either in my opinion. Though it could seem bright to others that don't usually wear a red lipstick.

Packaging wise it's different to their standard lipstick casing. It's all a matte black with a silver band instead of their usual gold. There is also a window at the top of the lipstick so you can see the actual insides.

I detect no taste or scent to this lipstick. RRP £7.49

Purchased at Boots


  1. I am loving red at the moment and that one looks perfect!

  2. Mmm pretty! It doesnt look matte at all!

  3. Gorgeous!! Now that is a beautiful red :) Perfect imo.

  4. looks nice but i dont suit red lippy though :)

  5. Red= classy color. It's great for the fall makeup

  6. I don't have this particular shade, but I *adore* the Matte line! I have Nude Attitude, Pink Pout and Pink About it and I love them ^__^ I really want Strawberry Suede, this shade, and a couple from the fall release too.

  7. Carlinn- Me too I've been wearing it most days. :)

    Aoife- It doesn't look too matte in the pictures, it does definitely looks more matte in real-life though. Blame the flash lol. x

    charmed-chick- Aww, I bet you do. I believe there's a perfect red lippy out there for everyone! x

    bostoniancouture- I totally agree. :)

    SilhouetteScreams- I think it'll look gorgeous on you. Stormy Pink and Strawberry Suede will be my next victims to buy muaha lol :D