Friday, 5 November 2010

No7 The Mirrorball Collection

No7 The Mirrorball Collection for Winter/Holiday 2010, I purchased two things the highlighter and the eye palette. There is quite a few more things from this collection that I do want but I guess I may have to wait. :) If you spend over £22.00 you also get a gift with purchase.
Both compacts are flat, sturdy, shiny and have mirrors inside.
Highlighter- I'm in awe this thing is so gorgeous, the pan is shaped like a obvious 'Mirrorball'  not to mention that this product really reminds me of Asian brand highlighters. It's white and pink based. The pink isn't really noticeable and applies quite translucent. So you wouldn't use it as a blush and probably works best swirled together with the whites. Texture is nice and silky and has tiny fine micro glitters, that aren't overdone. If you are a fan of highlighters, I highly recommend picking up this one....I think I want a backup. RRP £13.00

Eye Palette- I would say this palette is ok, not the best and not the worst either. It contains micro glitters and from my swatching it seems to go all the way through, so I don't think it's a overlay.
You get a black, sky blue, pale grey and a baby pink. The texture is nice and smooth but the pigment is just ok. Not too sheer but noway is it heavily pigmented. RRP £12.50

The gift with purchase contains a small but gorgeous shiny black makeup bag.
Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum
Extreme Length Mascara in Iridescent Sapphire
Protect & Perfect Hand Cream
Amazing Eyes Pencil in Brown
Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Truffle
Lift & Illuminate Day Cream
High Shine Lipgloss in Smile (Fullsize)

L2R eyepencil, shadow and lipgloss
Purchased at Boots


  1. I was looking at the eye palette today - I really liked the grey but not enough to get the whole shebang. Used my £5 No7 voucher on the Precious Metals nail set instead :D

  2. The highlighter looks so pretty :3 the design is cute too

  3. Robyn- Ooo I'm going to have to have a look at that. Sometimes they don't let you spend the vouchers on sets though. x

    Silhoutte Screams- I love highlighters way too much. XD

  4. Hi! May I ask if there is an obvious light pink undertone to the highlightr, or if it looks purely white? I would like to purchase this but if it has a slight pink undertone it will clash my skintone horribly...thank you for your help!