Monday, 22 November 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio SilkGlam in 12 Grey Pink Drama

My second purchase of the Maybelline Eyestudio quads. This one is called 'SilkGlam' whilst my other one is named 'DiamondGlow' which is strange as they're both the same finish and consistency. Not only that, there's two shades in 'Grey Pink Drama' that are exactly the same as 'Purple Drama' which are the white and pink.
To be honest I'm not bothered at all because I absolutely adore these quads and I plan to eventually get them all. I just really hope we get more shades as they do in the USA, in the UK we currently only have 4 to choose from. 
It's rare that I ever like the sheerer kind of shadows but these have so much illumination in them it really doesn't matter. The glitz that appears in these cannot be felt on the skin and the texture is silky soft and blendable. 

Ok these retail at around £7.19 which is quite high for a drugstore brand, anyhow to me it's worth every penny and quality will be seen.

Purchased at Boots


  1. I've seen these in drugstores but never gave them a chance. Probably because I also think the price is a bit too high.

  2. The colours are so pretty - must buy!

  3. Noir- I totally agree about the price but in my opinion they're worth it, could lower it a bit though. x

    tackyblueeyeshadow- I love the colours! x