Monday, 29 November 2010

Revlon Matte Lipstick in 006 Really Red

I really love the texture of this lipstick it's so soft and creamy and definitely doesn't feel matte even though it is. Seeing as I've been disappointed with Revlon Superlustrous lipsticks lately not appearing to be very opaque this one is the opposite, I love the pigmentation in this lipstick and you know what, it's really making me want more of the 'Matte' lipstick range.

The colour is a really nice medium red, seems to have both orange and blue undertones to it. Usually I like my reds to be dark or extremely bright. This one is not either in my opinion. Though it could seem bright to others that don't usually wear a red lipstick.

Packaging wise it's different to their standard lipstick casing. It's all a matte black with a silver band instead of their usual gold. There is also a window at the top of the lipstick so you can see the actual insides.

I detect no taste or scent to this lipstick. RRP £7.49

Purchased at Boots

Friday, 26 November 2010

Dinner With The Vampire EOTD

 ~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Eyeliner- Revlon Liquid Liner
Eyeshadow- MAC White Frost, MAC Phloof!, Barry M Red, Twilight Labyrinth Dusk, Sleek Nighlife.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio SilkGlam in 12 Grey Pink Drama

My second purchase of the Maybelline Eyestudio quads. This one is called 'SilkGlam' whilst my other one is named 'DiamondGlow' which is strange as they're both the same finish and consistency. Not only that, there's two shades in 'Grey Pink Drama' that are exactly the same as 'Purple Drama' which are the white and pink.
To be honest I'm not bothered at all because I absolutely adore these quads and I plan to eventually get them all. I just really hope we get more shades as they do in the USA, in the UK we currently only have 4 to choose from. 
It's rare that I ever like the sheerer kind of shadows but these have so much illumination in them it really doesn't matter. The glitz that appears in these cannot be felt on the skin and the texture is silky soft and blendable. 

Ok these retail at around £7.19 which is quite high for a drugstore brand, anyhow to me it's worth every penny and quality will be seen.

Purchased at Boots

Friday, 19 November 2010

*~Strawberry Cake EOTD~*

 ~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Eyeliner- Revlon Liquid Liner
Eyeshadow- Too Faced Glamazon, Stargazer Deep Red, Sleek Nightlife, MAC White Frost.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 18

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter- A nice twist to the Vaseline Pocket Size range. I love anything cocoa butter and vanilla. I do detect a vanilla smell to this with the cocoa. A thin slightly glossy consistency and does the job, this is yummy! Costs only £1.99 too. :)

Twilight Beauty Volturi Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadow in Dawn- A beautiful antiqued shimmering bronze. Heavily pigmented and I think I applied too much in my swatch. The loose pigment is chunky but easily blended and seems to stick to the eyelid very well. I love these shadows, they have soft almost liquefied texture.

Barry M Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in 03- I have no idea what the actual name of this is, as they took it off the website and I only purchased it around 2 weeks ago at Superdrug. It's a beautiful colour with tones of silver, grey and blue. It's very densely packed and the glitters are tiny.

Rimmel Cool Shine Lipstick in 030 Plunge- Anyone remember these lipsticks? They were on the market for a few months, around a few years back and then suddenly disappeared and landed in large amounts at pound shops, that's when I picked a load up. I really wonder why? Rimmel seem to have a knack at discontinuing lip products very quickly, much like a very well loved lipstick in Foxy

Anyhow going onto the actual lipstick, it has a lovely pleasing cooling sensation and it doesn't feel like menthol. Glossy it is and the pigment is very good for these types of lipsticks. The colours came mostly in shimmering sparkly shades. Plunge is a strawberry sparkled pink. 

Thursday, 11 November 2010

~*Glamorous Vamp EOTD*~

 ~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Eyeliner- Revlon Liquid Liner, Collection 2000 Glam Crystals 8 Dancing Queen
Eyeshadow- Milani Water Cooler, Next Cashmere Palette, Bourjois Ombre Stretch 13 Black Glitter, MAC White Frost.

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

MAC Lipstick in Brave

I don't see too many reviews on this lipstick. Which is a shame as I think this is a universally, go with anything, flattering shade. It's one of those classical nudes, not the concealer/mannequin type nude, it's has obvious rich deep pink tones too it on a beige base and there is a definite pinch of pearl to it, to give it a subtle sheen.

MAC describes this as a 'A muted pink-beige with a very subtle white pearl overtone' it's also a satin finish and my first satin from MAC. It applies creamier than I was expecting, but If you do suffer from badly dry lips and of course it coming up to winter, I suggest wearing a light lip balm as it's not overly moisturising. What I do love about this lipstick is that the fact it's very opaque and lasts on my lips for over two hours and that's saying something. This rosy beige colour is just a perfect warm me up nude for winter.

Lipsticks are priced at £12.50. I seriously swear they were £11.50 at one point or am I going mad?

Purchased at MAC

Friday, 5 November 2010

No7 The Mirrorball Collection

No7 The Mirrorball Collection for Winter/Holiday 2010, I purchased two things the highlighter and the eye palette. There is quite a few more things from this collection that I do want but I guess I may have to wait. :) If you spend over £22.00 you also get a gift with purchase.
Both compacts are flat, sturdy, shiny and have mirrors inside.
Highlighter- I'm in awe this thing is so gorgeous, the pan is shaped like a obvious 'Mirrorball'  not to mention that this product really reminds me of Asian brand highlighters. It's white and pink based. The pink isn't really noticeable and applies quite translucent. So you wouldn't use it as a blush and probably works best swirled together with the whites. Texture is nice and silky and has tiny fine micro glitters, that aren't overdone. If you are a fan of highlighters, I highly recommend picking up this one....I think I want a backup. RRP £13.00

Eye Palette- I would say this palette is ok, not the best and not the worst either. It contains micro glitters and from my swatching it seems to go all the way through, so I don't think it's a overlay.
You get a black, sky blue, pale grey and a baby pink. The texture is nice and smooth but the pigment is just ok. Not too sheer but noway is it heavily pigmented. RRP £12.50

The gift with purchase contains a small but gorgeous shiny black makeup bag.
Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum
Extreme Length Mascara in Iridescent Sapphire
Protect & Perfect Hand Cream
Amazing Eyes Pencil in Brown
Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Truffle
Lift & Illuminate Day Cream
High Shine Lipgloss in Smile (Fullsize)

L2R eyepencil, shadow and lipgloss
Purchased at Boots