Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

This is my second blush from Sleek and this one is a luminous glowing formulation.
The shade 'Rose Gold' is a apricot base which flashes pink then finishes off with a glowing gold sheen. It's a beautiful easy to wear shade and easily very flattering. 
Rose Gold has been compared to NARS Orgasm but apparently it's much more pigmented and the shimmer is all smooth glow and no chunky glitter.

The consistency of this blush is very smooth, pigmented (you need a light hand with these blushes) and superior quality. I think I just keep forgetting that it only cost me £3.99 

Packaging comes complete with a inbuilt mirror and doesn't include a annoying useless brush, the room is all blush. :) 
See also my Pixie Pink review.
Purchased at Superdrug 


  1. LOL I hate when products come with those cheap ass brushes that I end up just throwing away anyway! That's a pretty color though :)

  2. Hate those rubbishy brushes!! I always give them to my friends daughter because she loves to pretend that she's putting make up on! :)

    Great colour! I've never tried any of the Sleek blushes so I'll have to go and have a look! :)

  3. I always wish we could get Sleek stuff in the US! This blush is beautiful, I would go out and pick it up right now! great pics :)

  4. AestheticAnonymous- I usually just keep em in there or put them all together in a mesh bag and think that'll put them to good use one day. I probably doubt it lol. x

    Phyyra- I love it. :D

    Ms. Wedgie- Aww, a good idea :D
    I remember myself when I used to do that lol x

    Ellamarie84- Aww, I feel the same way about a lot of the US products. :) x

  5. I'm sooo getting this, it's such a pretty color!! :) I hate cheap brushes that come with products too, I usually toss them!