Friday, 29 October 2010

Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm in Bursting Violet

This little jar of balm is seriously really tasty, it's so tasty that I'm surprised it's not something that's sold in a sweet shop. Anyone who is a big fan of Parma Violets sweets, will love this just like I do. It's like it's been crushed up and put into this little balm. So if you don't like strong tasting and sweet smelling lip balms, this really isn't for you. 
Petal Jam balms comes in a sweet jar and inside are blocks of balm like sugar cubes, but this idea doesn't work very well because after all it's a very hydrating balm so of course it ends up mashing together on it's own accord. 

The texture of these are really moisturising and it does feel like my lips are getting very hydrated. It's fairly light but kind of slippery and leaves a lovely shine to the lips. When it does leave the lips, because unfortunately the longevity isn't the greatest as you would guess because I licked it off, it leaves them very silky soft indeed. This will definitely help your lip colour go on much better.

So the only bad thing I would say is that it can be a pain sometimes to open and close the jar, they're using a real jar here and the fact that you wouldn't wear this balm if you felt icky and your sweet tooth was dying on you.  Other than that I love it and I would love to try more flavours. 
Pop Beauty have around 3 flavours priced at around £9.00 each.

Purchased at ASOS


  1. Ohhhhhhh my god, parma violet flavour lipbalm! I would be all over this if it didnt come in the jar, my nails are pretty long and i hate getting lipbalm and stuff under them! .x

  2. This sounds gorgeous. I love Palma Violets - they were a favourite of mine as a child! x

  3. That sounds yum yum yummy! I love anything even remotely linked to sweets or cake! :) When I first read the title of this blog post, on first glance I thought it said 'Pearl Jam Lip Balm'. Grunge related lip that would be great! :)

  4. Aoife- I know what you mean, I sometimes use a cotton bud. :)

    tackyblueeyeshadow- Same here and I fancy some now lol. XD

    Ms. Wedgie- I'm a big fan of Pearl Jam and I'd definitely buy their balm lol if they released one. x :D

    EveryDay Makeup (becky)- It is :) x