Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rimmel Volume Booster Lipstick in 102 Foxy

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet, as I've been wearing this quite a lot. Quite a recent purchase, but come on yet again Rimmel have took another product from their site which is this one. I hope this doesn't mean that it will be discontinued! I tell you I'll be checking the shelves of as many Rimmel stockists as I can. If not there will always be Ebay.

It's a creamy nude apricot shade and reminds me very much like a mannequin. The texture is very creamy, moisturising and has a menthol cooling feel to it but no taste. There's also a light Vanilla scent. Volume Boosting properties? Seriously I don't see any difference but I do think this is a overall lovely lipstick. 

The colour is pretty much close to the swatch above, but it has come out a bit too pinky on the lips. Arghh camera didn't like this shade haha.


  1. Based off of your lip swatch, it kind of reminds me of MAC's Hue. Thanks! I'll be looking into this one :)

  2. I really hope this won't be discontinued :[ I have screamer (i think that's the name) and it's my fave red lippie. I hope can I get my hands on more some time soon, love the colour on you :] xx

  3. I've never noticed this line or shade before! Will have to go have a good stare at the Rimmel display ;]

  4. Ooooh lovely colour...even with the added pinkiness! :) I hate it when my camera doesn't pick up the shade! Soooooo annoying.

  5. Ohhhh pretty color!! How's the consistency? :)

  6. Katie- Really? I'll have to look up that shade. :)

    CarmenSays- Ah, no. That was one shade I wanted to try, ebay...here I come. x

    SilhouetteScreams- I have been, but not a lot of luck, maybe there might be in Auss! x

    Ms. Wedgie- Yep, my camera is stubborn sometimes. XD

    Stavroula- Very creamy! :)

  7. I can't find this lipstick anywhere! I've checked ulta.com, drugstore.com, ebay.com, etc. Has it been discontinued? :(