Thursday, 30 September 2010

Beautifully Delicious Handlucious Honey & Almond Hand Lotion

 No wonder they call their brand 'Beautifully Delicious' cause freaking is! Particularly this hand cream, it's probably one of the gorgeous scents I've ever found in a hand cream. Yes it is 'Honey & Almond' scented but this kind smells like a seriously yummy, luxury dessert.

So they remind you on the package that it's not edible but it is quite hard indeed. Maybe I did accidently taste it while it was absorbed on my hand and weird enough it tasted sweet! What do they put in this stuff?!!

The texture of this lotion is quite thin but this does not go against the moisurising properties. I find it highly.
It sinks in quite quickly and the smell really does last, I could smell it even when my hands were nowhere near my face.  I really wish they'd also consider making body mist with this scent too.

My only complaint is that this hand lotion is becoming more harder to find with the 'Beautifully Delicious' stockists, while it's still on their site and appears permanent.

These retail at around £3.99

Purchased at Sainsbury's but if you can't find it, try other stockists which will be listed on their site.