Wednesday, 1 September 2010

~* Barry M Trio Eyeshadows *~

I've been saying this for quite some time in my 'comments' section that wouldn't it be great if Barry M made some pressed shadows.....and as you can see they did. This is the newest release from Barry M and there's eight trios to choose from!
They're all priced at £5.99 each, luckily Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer going on, so I took this advantage. :)

They have a lovely colour selection in their line and the packaging is just like their blushes with the leaf floral detail on the clear casing.

I was expecting quite a bit, since their Dazzle Dusts are just completely astonishing. So creamy, thick, block colour pigment was on my mind, pretty much like Sleek palettes.
This is not the case at all, sure the pigment is descent enough but the texture is hardly soft but smooth enough once on the skin and is very easy to blend.

Seriously their pigmentation is ok but not so seriously a 'wow wow' kind of thing, which I was expecting. Saying that I'd probably pick up a few more as I really like the colour selection and specially the gleam and shimmer that some of them do actually pay off.

Golden Goddess- Cream, Copper and Espresso shades.

Paradise Passion- Aqua, Yellow and purple.

Pretty Pastels- Fairy pink, Pale Lilac, Baby blue.

Barry M do need to sort out the name thing, you'll only ever see the name of the shade if you go online or look at shelves instore. They just leave numbers on the actual product, which is confusing indeed.

Purchased at Superdrug


  1. I swatched these instore... I was expecting great things but wasn't wowed. I still might pick up the neutral one though :)

  2. Oh these do seem a little underwhelming :( the first one looks really pretty though

  3. Robyn- They should've made new Dazzle Dusts and pressed them. :)

    SilhouetteScreams- I know :( I think I like the second one the best. x