Thursday, 30 September 2010

Beautifully Delicious Handlucious Honey & Almond Hand Lotion

 No wonder they call their brand 'Beautifully Delicious' cause freaking is! Particularly this hand cream, it's probably one of the gorgeous scents I've ever found in a hand cream. Yes it is 'Honey & Almond' scented but this kind smells like a seriously yummy, luxury dessert.

So they remind you on the package that it's not edible but it is quite hard indeed. Maybe I did accidently taste it while it was absorbed on my hand and weird enough it tasted sweet! What do they put in this stuff?!!

The texture of this lotion is quite thin but this does not go against the moisurising properties. I find it highly.
It sinks in quite quickly and the smell really does last, I could smell it even when my hands were nowhere near my face.  I really wish they'd also consider making body mist with this scent too.

My only complaint is that this hand lotion is becoming more harder to find with the 'Beautifully Delicious' stockists, while it's still on their site and appears permanent.

These retail at around £3.99

Purchased at Sainsbury's but if you can't find it, try other stockists which will be listed on their site.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rimmel Volume Booster Lipstick in 102 Foxy

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet, as I've been wearing this quite a lot. Quite a recent purchase, but come on yet again Rimmel have took another product from their site which is this one. I hope this doesn't mean that it will be discontinued! I tell you I'll be checking the shelves of as many Rimmel stockists as I can. If not there will always be Ebay.

It's a creamy nude apricot shade and reminds me very much like a mannequin. The texture is very creamy, moisturising and has a menthol cooling feel to it but no taste. There's also a light Vanilla scent. Volume Boosting properties? Seriously I don't see any difference but I do think this is a overall lovely lipstick. 

The colour is pretty much close to the swatch above, but it has come out a bit too pinky on the lips. Arghh camera didn't like this shade haha.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lavender Dream Spell EOTD

~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Eyeliner- Revlon Liquid Liner
Eyeshadow- Models Own Pastel Pink, Bloom Lavender, Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 16

NYX Round Lipstick in 564 Almost Black- Yes it almost is, it's a very blackened shade with a perfectly worked out colour of fig. These lipsticks are as cheap as chips and it's completely an opaque even creamy finish, that feels the way it looks. No scent or taste, wears off evenly and very moisturising.

Boots Reviving Foot Spray- Really does cool down tired, aching and sore feet.  Especailly when you wear uncomfortable shoes. In my case Goth boots! Though I wouldn't know if it kills smelling feet because fortunately I don't suffer from that problem, haha.


Avon Boho Chic Perfumed Body Spray- I wanted to love this but it's just way to grassy and citrus for my liking. Avon's description 'Inspired by summer flowers and fruits, this joyful, youthful fragrance has a hint of sensual musk' to me this is not really what it smells like.
These are on sale at the moment for £1.50 so I'll like to try some other scents they have to offer. :)

Twilight Beauty Volturi Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadow in Frost- Snowflakes in a jar is how I would describe it. Alone it just looks like sheer white shimmer but over the top of a cream shadow you get a intense glistening diamond effect. 


(Below) Over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean and Milk

Monday, 20 September 2010

Rustic Contrast Fall EOTD

Not really keen on this one, but there you go. :)

~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- Avon Astonishing Lengths
Eyeliner- Revlon Liquid Liner, No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil 25 Bronze
Eyeshadow- No7 Heavenly Eye Palette, Sleek Original Palette, Bloom Eskimo


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Illamasqua The Art Of Darkness

Sadly I could not attend the latest Bloggers event, but seriously I wasn't expecting package to turn up with these goodies. So thank you so much Illamasqua!

I received two items from the Autumn/Winter collection 'The Art Of Darkness' one of them is a dark matte navy blue lipstick, freaking wow. :)

Lipstick in Disciple- This is the only lipstick in the current A/W collection and is described as a 'Deep Navy, Matte Finish' which is exactly that. I suppose it could appear almost black when on the lips but you definitely tell it's a blue navy.
The lipstick is matte and this one is sadly quite drying, I would advise to wear a lip balm underneath which I didn't do in my pics.
Anyhow surprisingly this lipstick is really decently pigmented, usually most brands would just put out a freakishly daring shade really annoyingly sheer. I'm so glad they chose not to and this is what I love about it.
I also detect a slight lovely Vanilla scent on this one.
Priced at £15.00

Precision Ink in Alchemy - Beautiful glitzy tarnished yellow gold without any chunks of grit, yet so sparkly. This liner can be used anywhere on the face and body, which is so versatile. If that's not enough they claim that's it's waterproof, which of course knowing me I tested this out.
I swatched then rinsed under running water and it didn't budge or smudge. Worryingly I thought it'd be a nightmare to take off, but it came off like a piece of cake with a makeup wipe.
The tip is a long felt which I do prefer rather than a brush.
I do hope they will eventually make more colours, a deep red would be fabulous. They currently have this shade and a black. The liner is expensive but in this case you're getting what you pay for.
Priced at £16.50

*Click to enlarge*
Disclaimer- These products were given to me by Illamasqua, this does never mean I will give a false review. All my reviews are always my total honest opinions.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 663 Va Va Violet

It's exciting to see a shade like this from Revlon, a deep gothy violet! Which I was expecting anyway. Turns out it's quite sheer and doesn't look intense as what's in the tube.

So it's more like a very red bruiser violet and quite uneven at that too. I had to achieve a couple of applications for my lip picture and it still doesn't look right. A lip liner will be needed when I will wear this again.
The weirdest thing is, though it's not the greatest coverage and somewhat patchy, it really does last hours. I think I prefer the wear off stain that it leaves which does indeed looks even.

The finish says 'Cream' on the tube which got me thinking about MAC's Amplified Creme finish, which it'll never be.
It's far too sheer to be called a 'Cream' but not too sheer to be called a 'Sheer' maybe the name semi would be perfect?

The overall texture is quite slippery but moisturising, the lipstick in my opinion looks better with wear. I cannot detect any scent or taste.

All Super Lustrous are around £7.99 each, maybe I should of gone with a MAC.

Purchased at Boots

Friday, 10 September 2010

Soap & Glory Night In Shining Amour Cream

Soap & Glory have a night cream and I love it, so if you like 'Catch A Wrinkle In Time day cream' you'll love this, it even has the same lemon tart scent.

The consistency is rather thick like all night creams should be but it feels more like gel than cream and seriously this is the most non greasy night cream I've ever had, it sinks in fairly quickly too. Smoothing it round your face and neck is a breeze. Since I've been using this I found my skin looks a lot fresher and very soft and I've only been using this for a week.

Packaging wise, it's in a frosted glass jar which is quite weighty, this probably wouldn't do so well in a tube because of the thickness and it would just clog.

I don't have any wrinkles yet.... touch wood, but I do think the anti-ageing properties it comes with look incredibly good and hopefully aid preventing. Just there's one catch, if you see the picture below of the box it says in little writing at the bottom. '(With twice daily use over 2 months)' Daily and twice? I thought this was a night cream! Which you'd only have to do once before bed, I mean seriously what were they thinking? Is this an error or something? We'll never know.....

Purchased at Boots for £12.00