Friday, 20 August 2010

Naughty But Nice Strawberry Cupcake Handcream

We've all seen similar lipgloss versions around, but these ones are huge compared to those.
Naughty But Nice make these in 4 different scents and all in different cupcakes.
How yummy do these look?

You unscrew the top to open and the cupcakes are very sturdy and well made, not flimsy or cheap at all! So this gives you a reason to keep them for other bits and pieces when you use up the hand cream, or just a yummy display.

However the hand cream itself is well, just ok. The strawberry scent isn't very strong, you have to put your nose right up to it to get a subtle whiff. Texture wise it's very light and slightly greasy at first but soon enough sinks in, being moisturising on the other hand is just a quick thrill which really doesn't last like other hand creams.

Purchased at for £3.79


  1. oh how cute..i seen these in chocolate flavor lipglosses.

  2. That's so cute, and it's making me want cake now...


  3. I've got once of these, i love the pot but it's honestly the worst hnd ceam i've ever tried :(

  4. La Dama- Looking at them makes me hungry lol. :)

    Lazy...Dazey- Haha I know what you mean x

    Lillian Funny Face- It's not all that but believe it or not I've tried worse in the past. x