Wednesday, 25 August 2010

BYS Shimmer Shadow Quad in 01 Purple Shimmer

I don't think I've yet seen any reviews of BYS shadows, so here goes. :)

The colours in this quad are mainly cool toned and they consist of cocoa brown to purples and lilacs. Once you get past the white striped shimmery overlay which will only take you one swipe, the shadows are fairly shimmery but some appear to be more of a satin finish.

Texture wise the shadows are quite soft but they do lack descent pigment, I'm all for heavy pigment type of girl. So the pigment isn't exactly non-existent but there's a lot of layering up the colour involved, which not everyone has time for.
On the other hand if you have a great base or like a sheer wash of colour it's for you, if not you don't really need it.

The BYS line is cheaply priced and usually you can pick up some great quality products.
I just adore their lip liners and nail polish!
This particular quad costs only £2.50 and their quads come in 4 shades.

I purchased mine at Store21 but if you don't have access to one you can get them here.


  1. I saddened that they don't deliver to the U.S. The colors look gorgeous!

  2. Very interesting! I like the zebra type striping. But you said the color payoff leaves a lot to be desired?

  3. I generally find BYS to be quite hit and miss :( though I have a neon palette by them that is decent.

    Their nail polishes are epic though, especially the crackle ones!

  4. Katie- Aww, I think they may do, just shipping maybe high. x

    Phyrra- Afraid so. :-/

    SilhouetteScreams- Colour selection of polishes is fabullouss too. :)