Sunday, 22 August 2010

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Purple Haze

There's a hype going around with these new 17 lipsticks but I don't think I'm catching it.

First off these lipsticks are very sheer and the colour in the tube does not look like what you're going to get on the lips. The texture is extremely slippery and yes it's one of those lipsticks that are going to slide off within minutes. They're of course glossy but nowhere near as glossy as your average lipgloss.

The colour 'Purple Haze' is so not purple at all, it's more like a dark pinked magenta that comes out sheer

What I do love about these lipsticks is the packaging which is a gorgeous shiny tin aquamarine casing.

This lipstick has no taste or scent.

Purchased at Boots for £4.49


  1. It looks nice on you but yeah i don't understand the fuss! It's so sheer! And why on earth is it called 'purple haze' it's in no way, shape or form purple!

  2. Lillian pretty much said it all! It's quite a pretty shade, but totally not purple :( and for the level of sheerness it might as well be a balm!

  3. The girls are right! But then again everything looks beautiful on these lips! ;)


  4. Lillian Funny Face- It's very deceiving when they name a colour something it's not. :-/

    SilhouetteScreams- True :)

    Stavroula- Aww thanks so much! :-*