Monday, 12 July 2010

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 14

Stargazer Pressed Powder in Orange- Which a freaking bright eyeshadow, and so bright my camera wouldn't pick it up. Nicely pigmented but may be a bit chalky for some.

The Body Shop Body Mists
£7.00 each and I love them, I currently have Cassis Rose and Sparkling Apple and will be looking out for some more because these are so lovely and refreshing. These two scents don't seem to be on the website, hope they haven't gone!

Bionsen Japanese Spa Minerals Deodrant - 100% Aluminium free, smells like intense lingering lemons and stings like something else! I must be allergic to a natural deodorant, weird huh? I'll stick to the likes of Dove and Sure.
Purchased at Boots for £3.19

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick SPF15 in Champagne- A gorgeous glowing caramel nude, very flattering. The texture is creamy and very hydrating. Has a slight fruity smell, which is nice. £7.00 usually but they're on offer for £3.00.

17 Lip Liner in Fawn- A real peach toned nude and it's very hard to find a true nude lip liner at this price. Very soft and easy to apply and you can tell how nude it is, swatched on my pale skin.
£2.49 at Boots.


  1. I'll have to check out that lipliner, usually cheap 'nude' liners are actually brownish! Thanks :)

  2. RaeRae-I agree and I've been fooled so many times and your welcome :)

  3. The lip color looks soo pretty and moisturizing!

  4. Omg, a nude lipliner that is nude?! I'll have to check it out too!

  5. Oh wow that Stargazer powder is just amazing, so so neon! I need it!

  6. I love the lipstick and the lipliner!! So pretty! :)


  7. The neon orange powder is gorgeous! :D The goldish lipstick looks lovely. x

  8. Anastacia- It's very moisturising. :)

    Robyn- Yep and it's cheap as chips! x

    Lillian Funny Face- I'm going to have to check out the others I think. XD

    Stavroula- Glad you like. x

    Jonna- The lipstick really reminds me of caramel. :)