Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sleek LE Pout Polishes

Looks like Sleek brought these colours out only for the summer.
Tinted balms are becoming big and I'm falling for them all the time.
I purchased both of the limited editions '943 Lemon Meringue' and 994 Raspberry Souffle'
They're both smooth and balmy and glossy without an ounce of stickiness and just have the right amount of colour for them to work.

I was hoping for a scent that reflected the shade names, but nope just the same regular scent for both which is like a sweet cake smell with a slight sweet taste just slightly plastically, who knows it may grow on me.

Lemon Meringue- A sheer yellow, makes you lips look sort of peachy

Raspberry Souffle- A nice bright magenta.

Priced at £3.99 and is available in-store at Superdrug or online from Sleek. Not bad at all since they provide colour, moisture and SPF15. Just you may love the scent or hate it.


  1. I have both of these and love the colours but i HATE the taste. Your lips are lovely looking :)

  2. Oooh, want these, but I never use the one I have! I love the smell of them but hate the taste!

  3. I've never tried any Sleek products, but I wanted to say that your lips are gorgeous and that I really like the pink pout polish on you! ;)


  4. Lillian Funny Face- Glad it's not just me then and thanks so much! x

    Robyn- It'll take a while to finish and yep the taste is pretty weird. :)

    Stavroula- Wow, thank you! XD

  5. Never tried them. Raspberry Souffle looks nice! x

  6. thepink shade is really pretty xx