Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rimmel Vinyl 1000 Carat Lipgloss in 240 Star Asset

Just uploaded pictures and found out it isn't on the Rimmel website any more and I only got it from Boots recently. Why? Ahhh! I'll have to double check some drugstores soon enough.

I was thinking what a great cheaper alternative this is to MAC Dazzleglasses, just without the stickiness.

The shade is 'Star Asset' and is a light rosy pink with mega reflecting sparkles.

Now the first thing you will notice is when you open the tube, the smell hits your nose...think of 'orange sherbet' is the best way I would describe it. I'm telling you it smells absolutely gorgeous and without any horrid taste. Consistency is not thick but neither thin, you can feel the sparkles slightly but it isn't really gritty. I think this lip product is very comfortable to wear and pleasing to use.
Longevity isn't the best, but it does wear off evenly and it's totally easy to reapply. Applicator is a lip brush.



  1. you have nice lips,the color looks pretty.

  2. Very pretty shimmery colour!

  3. cannot buy in the shops anymore .. madness ,,, the best lipgloss ever!!!