Friday, 18 June 2010

Small Primark Makeup Haul

When I walked into Primark I noticed a big stand full of makeup for a £1 a pop.
It seems to me that high street fashion chains are getting more into stocking makeup or their own brand.
I picked up two glitter liners, which do not have names or numbers. So I'll just call them by their standard colour.
They're quite good, ok they're no Collection 2000 version quality but they're better than the Gosh Glitter liners.

Purple- Amethyst colour with finer glitters.
Blue- Metallic ocean blue shade with chunkier glitters.

Shimmer Shadow- I actually thought that this was going to be a powder so don't be fooled, they're actually cream.
I picked a frosty white shade with iridescent reflecting sparkles and is not gritty.
It's really pretty and dries down quite fast, making it great for a base or highlight.


  1. Ooooh that cream shadow looks gorgeous :3

  2. Good old Primark :) The cream shadow looks very nice!

  3. That simmer shadow looks stunning!
    So cheap... :D

    I once bought black liquid eyeliner from Primark (1£) but it wasn't good at all.. Well, it's the only eyeliner I have, I use it for some make up experiments but I wouldn't wear it when I go out, when it has dried and I touch it, it drops off :o

  4. You always find the best things!!

  5. amei o gliter, queria um desse para mim...rsrsrs
    eu adorei seu blog!!! muito lindo!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Silhoutte Screams- I think it's the sparkles in it. :)

    Lillian Funny Face- Sometimes you can find some gems in there. x

    Jonna- Euww sounds nasty, I'll only use my Revlon for black. x

    Julissa- Aww, I do like looking for a bargain. x

    Luíza- Aww thanks very much glad you like! x