Sunday, 6 June 2010

No7 Sun Drenched Lipgloss in Golden Rum

22ct Gold could explain why this pot of gloss is £9.50? Mind you I picked it up anyway, because I'm having a faze with tinted balm pots at the moment.
This is part of the No7 limited edition Summer collection, I wasn't really interested anything else. Nothing compares to that Spring collection with that super amazing highlighter, that they need to re-release or make permanent.

Golden Rum applies pretty thick and non sticky but those gorgeous golden flakes do not show up on the lips which is really disappointing. The pretty terracotta shade doesn't really tint my lips either and my lips are very pale. The glossiness is average and really doesn't last longer than 10 minutes but it does leave your lips nice and soft.

The one thing that gets me is there is no scent, but there's a very sugary odd papery taste about it.
To be honest I'd say save your money and go and buy some N.Y.C lip sliders because they're 100 times better, not to mention cheap as chips.


  1. Everything looks perfect on your lips!

  2. Much as I do agree with Evil Angel that you have the most lucious lips I've seen, it just looks like you're wearing a clear gloss/balm!
    ... Rubbish.

  3. It's pricey because all No7 stuff is - the trick is to stockpile more practical stuff like deodorant and so on when Boots are giving away £5 off vouchers, as that brings it down to drugstore prices. Think I'll try this lipgloss next time I get one though!

  4. Your lips look nice. Too bad the balm isn't that great. :-/

  5. depite how it looks in the jar, i think it looks heavenly on your lips.

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  7. oohh noo. it looks like a clear gloss on your lips. it looks so much prettier and pigmented in the pot.

    and yeah the mark beads can get a little messy but i still love it ^_^

  8. Evil Angel- Too sweet, I'd say the same thing with your nails! x

    RaeRae- Goodness me, thank you! Vaseline would win the fight. x

    LiseyDuck- Yep and you never seem to know when that voucher is available. x

    BLIX- Thanks! :D

    xbbkay- Aww thank you! x

    edk.dolce- I love checking out new blogs x

    Becky- Tell me about it lol.
    I so want mark over here, we have Avon so they're being a bit selfish. XD