Tuesday, 29 June 2010

More.. Barry M Dazzle Dusts

Just the recent purchases of Barry M Dazzle Dusts. All of them here are equally dead shimmery and pigmented.
Who doesn't like Dazzle Dusts?

34 Cherry- Not a cherry colour at all! A deep purple with ruby pink shimmers.

39 Tan- Metallic peachy beige

24 Old Gold- Yes it is a Old Gold. Whoever hates yellow toned golds, this is for you!


  1. Wonderful colors and they're really pigmented! :) Thanks for sharing those swatches.

    Unfortunately, this isn't available in my country. :o/

  2. I've a huge collection of dazzle dusts. Old Gold is beautiful.

  3. Pretty!! I really like the first color.

  4. I love Old Gold but I never wear it.... must dig it out now!

  5. those look gorgeous,barry m i have not been able to find where i live.

  6. I like the cherry! It sort of reminds me of like a cherry plum color

  7. Awesome. Love the first colour! x

  8. sugar sugar- I have heard that Barry M ship international. I love the net for when I need products I can't get. :)

    Lillian Funny Face- My collection of dusts is growing. x

    Megan Harmeyer- It's definitely unique in my collection. x

    Robyn- Love to see a look with it. :)

    thhjasmine- I think they're only in the UK at the moment, but the brand is so popular it'd probably venture! :)

    Phyrra- I usually only associate cherrys with reds. Now that I think about it. x

    Jonna- Totally into deep purples and reds. :)

  9. I LOVE the look of Tan <3 such a gorgeous neutral colour