Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Make-Up Academy (The £1 Range)

Make-Up Academy is a makeup brand currently stocked at Superdrug with quite a vast number of shades, all costing £1 each!

However it's not the first time I've heard of this particular brand as small quantities were stocked at Savers and was still a £1, actually 99p each then.
I remember buying two of the nail polishes and of course strangely they were nearly double the size! The original was 12ml and it came with shade names and not numbers like they currently do now. You can see a nail swatch of the bigger bottle here. The new version just comes with just 6.2ml, cheeky really?


Descent sized this time and apply extremely pigmented and soft as butter! I'll eventually have to buy them all.

Shade 5- Pearl - Toxic lime green and when they say pearl with these eyeshadows they really mean it. :)

Shade 6 - Pearl - Beautiful glowing turquoise

Shade 4 - Pearl - Metallic pinked lavender

Shade 13- Pearl - Vampy palatinate purple

Lipsticks- The packaging looks pretty cheap and I was expecting the actual lipstick to be cheap but boy was I wrong. They apply very easily and just glide on and they smell of a lipstick that should be expensive, like a creamy candy scent

Shade 13 (Pink)- Very sheer a balmy looking pink.

Shade 4 (Red) - Bright crimson


  1. Impressive! It seems like the cheap British brands are always nicer than the cheap American brands.

  2. I have to agree w/ Deb above. This brand may be cheap but it is certainly better in quality and color than the cheap here in the U.S.

  3. these look fantastic, i wish the cheap products in australian stores were this fantastic

  4. I was super impressed with this range.. I thought it was going to be bollocks! (Hello from a new follower too!)

  5. I did wonder if it was the same brand just with a slightly new look. Hmm not cool about the size of the polishes.

    I have just made an order online from superdrug to try some of their products out.


  6. I love that red lippie, i would get it but i really don't need any more reds, even if they are just a pound :P Dead cheeky about the polish size though!

  7. Deb- Not totally true I adore L.A Colors and Kleancolors etc. x

    Olivia- I love your cheap, apart from Beauty Treats that is lol. XD

    Angie- There may come a time yet. :)

    Robyn- I knew their nail polishes would be good but everything else, I thought the same! I love a surprise. x

    Tanya- Haven't ordered from their site yet, I think they should have a lot more other products up on there though. x

    Lillian Funny Face- Numbers never seem to matter to me when it comes to makeup lol. x

  8. Dude, your lips look ridiculously luscious in the last photo, I'm jealous!

    And I love the look of the turquoise and lime green shadows :)

  9. Everything looks nice for being cheap! That's always a nice surprise.

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