Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cover Girl Eyeshadows @ Poundland

It's rare to see Cover Girl in the UK, so I was surprised when I saw them at Poundland and picked up all the shades they currently had in the store, being obviously £1 each.
They aren't old shades, actually they have them all on the Cover Girl website in the same packaging.
The shadows themselves are pretty good, the singles are extremely soft with descent pigmentation and the trio is good but not as soft.
I'm so going back to look out for more!

009 Sterling Blue- Icy silvery blue

525 Forever Fig- Pearly brown plum.

119 Dazzling Metallics- All sparkly. Burnt orange, black, yellow gold.


  1. Nice colors. I bet you'll have some fun playing with those. :)

  2. Kimberly- I definitely will. XD

  3. That trio's an unusual combo, pretty though! I'll have to bob into Poundland and see if I can spy any Cover Girl in there!

  4. Those look really nice for Cover Girl. I generally don't really look at Cover Girl eyeshadows, because I assume they won't have much pigment.

  5. Lillian Funny Face- I remember it being in the UK, a long time ago though. x

    Beauty's Bad Habit- I have to agree, I do like a strange combo though, it gives me ideas. x

    Deb- These ones are but I'm gathering there's a few that are probably poop in terms of pigmentation. x

    Jing (GirL With GLasSes)- I seems to be attracted to anything that looks icy. :D

  6. The Dazzling Metallics one looks gorgeous :O