Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Black Single Eyeshadows

I thought I should dedicate this post to my black single shadows, as I constantly have to have a pinch of black eyeshadow in basically all of my eye looks. I love a dramatic eye!

Sleek Maximum Impact Eyeshadow in 964 Nightlife- Beautiful intense sparkly black. Such a shame they discontinued their single pressed shadows. I'm not sure this one is going to last much longer as you can see with nakey pan really showing through.

Cover Girl Eyehancer in 440 Shimmering Onyx- Cover Girl is sadly not available in the UK.
It came free when I purchased my Lash Blast via Ebay. It's pretty much like Sleek's but a little less pigmented.

Bourjois Ombre Stretch in 13 Black Glitter- Not the blackest black but absolutely a gorgeous soft non gritty sparkling black, looks wet but it isn't.

Bourjois Eyeshadow in 92 Gris Pailette- Just gross, no pigment just gritty uneven glitter.

Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow in 117 Black Velvet- Plain not a descent black, a satin finish.

MAC Eyeshadow in Black Tied- Oh my goodness.....did I get a bad one? Purchased from MAC.
Kind of gritty and not at all that pigmented and the sparkles don't really show up.


  1. The Sleek one definately looks the best to me! And ick at the Bourjois! i

  2. Meh I don't like the little shadow pots much, I love their stretch shadows though. :)

  3. I think all Black Tieds are liked that :( everytime I swatch it instore it's just gross and ugh. Beauty Marked is even worse.

  4. I just picked up a 1/2 off reg. price Smash Box black (with glitter in it) at Nordstrom Rack since I guess they were discontinuing the color? Just an idea for ya for your black singles!

  5. i hate bourjois baked eyeshadows, no pigment at all :/ i tried few shades and nothing came out of it, ther are unusable :/
    is clinique good? i had one of their eyeshadows, beige shimmer was the shade if i remember well, and it was the best one i ever had.

  6. i am loving ur style
    i can never carry it off but i will have to read ur blog and live vicarciously through u

    totally following!

  7. you have a nice collection of black eyeshadows. i once swatched the black tied and i think i like carbon better.

  8. SilhoutteScreams- Weird I actually love Beauty Marked. :)

    Bunny Masseuse-You know I still haven't tried anything from Smashbox. x

    Blanka-I think Clinique shadows are average, from the ones I've tried. x

    Yumeko- Wow, thank you and for following! XD

    Jing (GirL With GLasSes)- I wanted Carbon first of all but they didn't have it. x

  9. Superdrug's new MUA range do a shimmery black shadow that's pretty well pigmented. I think the plain black single I have was a 17 one, but that's really old so they've probably messed with the range more since then...

  10. LiseyDuck- I'll have to pick it up! Thanks for the recs. :)