Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Andrew Barton S.O.S Help Me!

Just one of the ranges from Andrew Barton's Haircare range available at Asda. They're priced at around £3.70 each but there's a offer at the moment which is 3 For £10.00.

I just love the red and black themed packaging obviously. :)
Now if you have dry, chemically damaged and knotty hair these are for you.

My hair is long, coloured, thick, dry, wavy and knotty for reference.

Dry Shampoo- Now I've tried many dry shampoos but this is the best so far. It doesn't come out white and it isn't that powdery but still manages to degrease and freshen your hair. Very different, as this one smells like sweet vanilla.

Shampoo & Conditioner- With me I always have to do my hair with the matching shampoo and conditioner because I want to feel the full benefits a certain brand and range will do.
The texture of these babies are pretty much thin and you really wouldn't think they would 'repair' but they do.
The shampoo froths up extremely well and the conditioner goes a long way, but the smell is something I've never quite smelt from a shampoo or conditioner before. It smells like a rich buttery cake, something that you would expect with a body butter.
I actually like it but I suppose it could get a little sickly.

Results- My hair is left soft and silky and so much easier to brush through. I will be buying again.

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Dry Shampoo



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