Thursday, 6 May 2010

Marks & Spencer Budget Makeup Range

M&S have had this budget range out for a while, but I never seemed interested. Maybe it's the cheaply looking packaging?
Anyway I was swatching some of their own higher makeup brands like 'Per Una' and 'Autograph' and they all seemed so blah to me. So then I decided I'll pick a few of the £2.50 range just out of curiosity.
I picked out two of the lipsticks and I think you get what you pay for or maybe less!
They look cheap, feel cheap and apply cheap. To be honest I think I remember having kiddie lipsticks that performed much better than these.
The good? Well they do have names!

Pink Sorbet- Really icy pale pink and sheer.

Bright Tangerine- Bright deepened orange colour which is glossy but patchy and very sheer. Both of these had to have three coats

Sorry M&S you may have quality in most things but you certainly skipped it in these lipsticks. They may be £2.50 each but I've had lipsticks for a £1 that work ten times better.

Now the nail polishes are very different indeed, basic packaging but a very good product.

Baby Blue- Baby blue it is. Now you do have to give it two coats which need to be applied quite thickly but the outcome is perfect. Does dry quickly and is fairly glossy before putting on my topcoat.

Used with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.


  1. ahh that sucks. I love the way your lips look. to bad it took so much effort to get them though!

  2. 'The good? Well they do have names!' LOLOLOL

  3. Hmm those lippies do look a bit rubbish :/ but the polish is very pretty!

  4. That stinks. Guess you never know until you try 'em out. The colours looked nice though.

  5. The Makeup Thank you! x

    SilhouetteScreams-Lol I'm only being honest. x

    Lillian Funny Face- Yep but I love the polish though and may pick up some more. x

    BLIX- True. :D