Wednesday, 12 May 2010

~*Evil Shades*~

I was sent some of Evil Shades by Andrea for reviewing. :)

Evil Shades is a fairly newish small US cosmetic brand, bursting with Gothic/Alternative inspiring goodness, that's not hard on a budget. Yet some really unique looking shades and divine formulas. The site is also willing to ship internationally.

Devious Lipsticks- Very basic white packaging but they all have a balmy texture and descent pigmentation, not to mention they smell absolutely gorgeous like a variety of fruity sweets and they taste scrumptious too......I just hope I don't eat them.
Priced at $4.75 which is roughly £3.20.

Corruption- A deep satiny cool toned purple.

Fiendish- Metallic mermaid blue with greenish undertones, which has to be my favourite. You know how I feel about blue lippies and I haven't come across one like Fiendish.

Diabolical- Warm toned shimmering red

Wicked Gloss- Which looks like jelly but are solid, give a jelly looking finish and glide around your lips evenly, unlike the Miss Sporty lipglosses which you can see my review here.
They are very sheer but can be built up and perfect for applying over lipstick. The scent is delicious too and I can detect some coconut.

Priced at $3.50 which is roughly £2.35

Sasha's Heart- Glistening mauve toned light brown.

Venom- Black sheer with slight sparkle.

Shadow samples! I feel creativity coming on. I'll will get some swatches done in another post.
There's really some unique colours going on around here and I'm liking.

Not to mention blushes which are very smooth indeed.


  1. I like Evil Shades eyeshadows and I have one Wicked Glos which is great. The blue lipstick looks gorgeous! Might need to order some lipsticks soon from there :D

  2. I really like Evil Shades and Andrea is a sweety! I love how this looks on you!

  3. oOo The blue looks like it totally belongs in meh makeup stash :D

  4. Omg those lip colors are fantastic! Next time I place an order, it'll be for those!

  5. Ahhh I won some Evil Shades stuff in a blog giveaway and now I cant wait for it to get here :D

  6. Oooh! I wanna try corruption!

  7. I really love Evil Shades, the owner is so lovely and the products i tried are great. Oddly i got the black lipgloss too but mine is more pigmented than yours. I need to try the new lipsticks, they look great on you.

  8. Looks cool. Too bad I can't buy them here:(

  9. Duvessa- You need the lipsticks! :)

    Phyrra- Oo she totally is and thanks x

    KittenMittens- I totally think it'll look amazing with your eye looks. :D

    Julissa-I can't stop sniffing them it's like a drug. :-/

    SilhouetteScreams- Yay, Congrats! x

    BLIX- Yep I can really see this on you and it would look amazing. x

    Lillian Funny Face- Very much agreed! I did apply mine sheerly but as it's handmade I guess they can't be completely identical. x

    Dirgesinger- Aw, She does ship internationally. x

  10. I have just won a Zombie from Evil Shades and I can't wait it to arrive. It looks great on the website and I am sure I will love it so much that I am going to order more:)