Friday, 14 May 2010

~*Evil Shades Part2*~

So here is the shadow/blush swatches from the gorgeous Evil Shades, that I didn't get around to doing in my previous post.
Be aware that the swatches are NOT HEAVILY applied as I did want to save some product for trying a few looks. :)

My favourite shadows have to be 'Zombie' as it's the exact type of blackened red I've always wanted and 'Gift River' because it's the most prettiest glittery but smooth fairy like lilac (which I can imagine will look gorgeous over the top of NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk.

I may just have to make a full-sized order! :)

L2R- Zombie, Heartless Queen, Infernal, Neritic and Seraphic.

L2R- Suffocation, Gift River, Nola, Mordant and Abyss.

L2R- Wistful, Laginappe, Whoo Are U and Acolyte.

L2R- Glooming, Devil's Bonfire, Necropolis and Madd Hat.

The Blushes!
Really do have a wonderful smooth texture and I'm really loving 'Vixen' as it's the loveliest shimmery plummy purple and If I apply it sheerly it may just work for me. :)

L2R- Pinup, Burlesque, China Doll and Vixen.


  1. Ooooo, nice. I love Pinup and Burlesque, I think they'd look great together.

  2. I love her eyeshadows but haven't tried any of the blushes, your swatches look stunning, especially Vixen!

  3. Julissa- Oh, I can really do like the colour range of the blushes. x

    Lillian Funny Face- I can't wait to apply vixen! x

  4. Woo I got some Evil Shades in the mail today, including Zombie and Heartless Queen :D

  5. Awesome swatches! I really want to try Evil Shades. I'm just waiting until I've used more of the makeup I've never touched, before I buy anymore makeup.