Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Beauty Treats

So when I placed my order at one of my favourite makeup stops, such as Nonpareil Boutique.
I thought I might try some Beauty Treats considering that I've had a lot of luck with cheap USA brands such as Kleancolor and L.A Colors.

They can't be all good can they?

I guess not!

Beauty Treats Chrome Palette $3.75 approx £2.62
Beauty Treats Mosaic Highlighter $3.99 approx £2.79

Cheap but not cheerful.

As you can see with the palette, smooth beautiful sparkling jewel tones....just don't get too excited it's an overlay.

After I did these swatches, there's just plain boring shadow underneath.

The highlighter looks absolutely stunning, just too good to be true.
Pretty awful patchy glitz..

Once the glitz overlay is gone you're left with a unpigmented nothingness but on the bluey side you get a too pigmented blue eyeshadow??

No more Beauty Treats for me..


  1. Oh no! It's disappointing when you get something you're not happy with. Better luck next time x

  2. Ugh those look pretty cheap and miserable :(

  3. That sucks! I think that's why when I find something I really like, I don't bother to try other new things...I'm afraid they with be total crap! And too often they are. :-(

  4. i just followed your blog recently and i love it to bits! specially the lippies, you have colors i never knew existed!!

  5. You can hardly call these two products treats. I hate when that happens, even when it happens to others. It's like I can feel their frustration. Plus, I hate that feeling of having wasted good money.

  6. tackyblueeyeshadow- Tell me about it. x

    Lillian Funny Face- They look lovely but apply miserable. x

    BLIX- Yep but now I won't be tempted by them again. x

    Saving Capulet-Aww thank you! I'm so glad you like my little space. You lovely lot are what make it. x

    Deb- Haha totally not treats. I'm quite good at spotting an overlay before I buy, but not this one. x

    SilhouetteScreams- Yep XD

  7. wow! The blue color highlighter is so beautiful!

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