Tuesday, 6 April 2010

StarGazer Velvet Eye Shadow In Magenta

My second purchase from their Velvet shadow range you can see my review for the 'Deep Red' here. While it isn't as intense and soft as the 'Deep Red' it really is a high quality shadow, what you see in the pan is what you get on your skin.
The name itself can be really misleading as I don't think this is an magenta at all, more of a medium cerise pink. It has a a very shimmery finish unlike 'Deep Red'
I've been smitten with these shadows and I'm definitely thinking of investing in them all and considering StarGazer are selling these at only £3.50 why not? If you looking for vibrant colours that are of great quality and of course purse friendly look no further!


  1. I've been thinking about buying those so good to see they actually work, been sort of wondering how they really are. Only ever owned Stargazer hair dyes and lipsticks.

  2. Really nice colour =D

    Totally agree not magenta at all though.

  3. I didnt even know Stargazer made pressed eyeshadows, I just knew of the lipsticks and loose pigments (unless I made that up in my brain LOL) :O if I were you I'd totally buy all of them! Can't beat that price.

  4. Ooh it looks nice, really soft and well pigmented. But yeah, that aint magenta :P

  5. Duvessa- Lipsticks have a lovely colour range but I find they go bad quite quickly. :(

    Rosie- Yep. :)

    SilhouetteScreams- I've always remembered them having pressed shadows. Maybe it maybe Barry M you were thinking of? lol XD

    Lillian Funny Face- It's not as soft like my red one but hey I love it. x