Monday, 26 April 2010

Lime Crime Lipsticks

Yesterday was my birthday (21..ahh old) and me and my Bf went on a shopping trip and one of the things he bought me was some Lime Crime lipsticks which as you may know already have recently been launched at SpaceNK.
Now with all the controversy spreading over the web of the repackaged eyeshadows Doe Deere of Lime Crime sells on her website. I still decided to pick two of the lipsticks because I love the colour range and I don't think it would be possible that the lipsticks are repackaged as I'm sure SpaceNK wouldn't sell them. :)
Strange enough only the lipsticks are available at SpaceNK.
Each lipstick costs £14.00 and there are 10 daring shades to choose from.

Packaging- Is really nice and some have been comparing it to the long ago MAC Heatherette collection. I have two lippies from this collection and I can see a few similarities but nothing major.
Lime Crime's lipsticks are bigger and fatter with much more of a purple pink shade, featuring unicorns.

Texture- A little dry probably because they have too much pigment in them. :)
I have heard that some of the shades are more moisturising than others.
I was expecting it to be a little like MAC's Amplified lipsticks. You do have to remember to exfoliate the lips before applying which I didn't do and maybe a lip balm underneath. I reckon Nivea's Light Kiss would be perfect.

Scent- A vanilla scent like MAC's but lighter and there's no horrid taste to the lipsticks.

Longevity- Colour wears very well and leaves a even stain which I like.

(Sorry for the small lip pics ahead as it looks pretty atrocious as I didn't prepare my lips as recommended by Doe Deere)

D'Lilac- Pure milky lilac with no pink undertones at all.

No She Didn't- The Brightest milky blue, just like the colour of Bubblegum Ice-Creams you got from the Ice-Cream Van. I do think it would look better on me mixed with black lipstick, so I might give this a try.

Miss Sporty's Punk It Up! Lipgloss over No She Didn't- Doesn't wear as well, probably because the gloss is too slippery!


  1. I love the look of these esp that blue one :) great post x

  2. Everyone knows I'm not really a big fan of certain a certain company's "business tactics", but I'll say I do enjoy the bright colors. Unfortunately, that's the ONLY thing I enjoy about these lipsticks. At least you got the two prettiest ones ;) Thanks for the honest review!

  3. Your review of these lipsticks is probably one of the more balanced ones I've read. I think Doe Deere has made a lot of enemies through her past business practices. Even so,the thing I keep hearing in all these reviews is that they are rather dry due to the excessive pigment. I also keep hearing that they stain. I think for what you get the price is a bit high, but that is just me.

  4. I am in love with Doe's "No She Didn't!" Sadly, it does not go well with my face!

  5. Wooooow great freaky colours!

    Happy birthday to You!

  6. wish I bought that blue, but by the time I realized I want it, it was all gone!

  7. Awesome! These swatches are nice, the colours are really unique. Thanks for sharing!

  8. So ignore the fact that I dont like Lime Crime, I think it's busted that Doe Deere has to tell people to exfoliate their lips beforehand because the lipsticks are that drying/thick/whatever.

    I usually don't need to exfoliate my lips (only if theyre in horrible condition during winter or something), so doing that to make a lipstick work is my last resort, rather than my first. =S

  9. i think they still look a bit off in terms of coverage/quality. but i have to agree the colours are pretty good.

  10. Sarbeauty- It's definitely a shade that is unique in my makeup collection :)

    webcake-Your welcome and I cannot resist bright colours either! :)

    Deb- I've seen it all over the web but I have to say I was really eager to try the lipsticks myself as that colour range doesn't come by that often as I would like. I do agree with it being a pricey product, could be the packaging who knows? x

    Kayla- Blue is a hard colour to pull off but I have to say the possibilities are endless creating fun looks with it. :D

    Dirgesinger- Oh yeah! XD
    Thank you! x

    Sher- Really? It's still up on the site so it'd probably come back in soon. x

    Marce-Thank you, and your welcome. :)

    SilhouetteScreams- I did think of that. I've had quite a few lipsticks do that to me and what I found out it seems to be the more of the white undertone the more you need to perfect your lips. x

    Porcelaine- It's brilliant coverage but in terms of gliding around your lips it isn't as great. x