Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Illamasqua Body Electrics

Look what turned up on my door this afternoon! This is the goody bag from the Ilamasqua Body Electrics Blogger's event which sadly I couldn't make it and to top that off, it was completely cancelled due to train strikes. Fortunately the goodies were sent out to those that were
invited and it totally feels like a early birthday present since my 21st is on the 25th!

It came beautiful presented in a gorgeous black box, which is ideal to store your beauty products in.
With a touch of electrifying tinsel inside!
I received some booklets, postcard, huge poster, Illumine Oil in Volt and Nail Varnish in Force.
So thank you Alex C & everyone at Illamasqua!
*Click pics to enlarge*

Illumine Oil in Volt- A illuminating dry body oil in a weighty 100ml glass bottle and a little goes a long way, depending on the intensity you wish to achieve. They come in two colours and volt I think will look fabulous on all skin tones, but it's brilliant for us pale bunch that hate the fake tan but wish to contour and make the body glow. Would look amazing on legs and cleavage.
The colour has a very light violet iridescent to it and it smells gorgeous but not too heavy. Like floral notes with coconut, very pleasant indeed. If you don't like the idea of looking like a disco ball then this is for you, it's all about reflecting the light and not party glitter.

-Non sticky or greasy.
-Glides on and very easy to work with
-Comes with Vit E
-Illuminates your body in a level you can choose.
-Little goes a long way

-Expensive £32.00
-No SPF :(


Nail Varnish in Force- I'm really impressed with the quality of the nail varnish since this is the first time I've tried any of the polishes. This one is extremely opaque and you only need one coat. Dries down quicker then most polishes and leaves a shiny finish, very easy to spread around the nail.
I did do a swatch but my nails look pretty awful at the moment, need to buff and file so next time I'll post it when I do a full mani of this shade.
The colour itself is a nice Powdery Royal Blue and does remind me of Barry M's Cobalt Blue, but this one is more creamier and muted.
Priced at £13.00.


  1. Ooooh how excitindg! Great to see a swatch of the body oil at last:)

  2. So exciting, I can't even spell it right. lol

  3. The body oil seems a little strange, I can't really see the point in it. The nail varnish is beautiful.

  4. Ooooh it's nice to see what everybody recieved! I really want to try the body oil, it looks great to me. I want iridescent skin :)

  5. Being that I'm broke right now, I'm living vicariously through everybody who got Illamasqua goodies :D I'm loving what I've seen of the Illumine oil

  6. Sparklz and Shine- I was really intrigued the most by this and yep the spell thing, we all do it. :D

    Rosie- It does seem strange, probably because I've never come across anything like this on the market but yeah I can see myself using this a whole bunch. :)

    Lillian Funny Face- I thought everyone would receive the same but I guessed not which was a surprise. :D

    SilhouetteScreams- That's why I hate having lemmings lol. x