Monday, 29 March 2010

Miss Sporty Hollywood Lipgloss Gothic Collection

Now you could imagine how happy I was spotting these kind of shades of lipgloss from Miss Sporty.
The colours they had in the 'Gothic Collection' are:
400 Rock Chic- A pure black with the tiniest sparkles.
401 Punk It Up!- Midnight Blue with tiny mixed coloured sparkles.

Now at £2.99 I got them both but yes I sure wish I didn't.
'A Non Sticky Forumla' which it clearly says on the tube and clearly it is! It has the most gorgeous tropical fruit smell that doesn't taste.
Now as I swatched the pigmentation was ridiculously pigmented for a drugstore lipgloss like this, but it was all too good to be true when it started to dissolve into a streaky uneven mess sinking into the lines of my skin. On my lips the same thing happened which was awfully disappointing, but hey £2.99 right?

As you can see from both of the lip swatches I only showed you some of my lip because it looks absolutely awful. Put it this way it makes your lips look like uneven fingerprints.
Sorry Miss Sporty it's not Goth at all. :(


  1. great post!

    have you tired using a lip primer before applying these? might get better colour :) or the blue one could look nice over other lipstick x

  2. Sorry you got stuck with a couple of dud glosses. I don't really understand the sheer black gloss thing myself. To me, black doesn't look right unless it's opaque.

  3. Maybe you can layer them over lipstick. I remember Lancome did that red lipstick/sheer black gloss set a couple of years ago, and it sold like crazy. It was called Piha Black or something like that. That looked awesome.

  4. I have piha black. it's actually quite nice and would look great over lipstick. it isn't opaque, but as a lipgloss the colour is still great.

  5. Aww that's such a shame, the blue looks amazing! Stll it's nice to see a company like Miss Sporty which is cheap so has to be quite conservative do some fun out-of-the-box shades :)

  6. I would just use them to darken or change the tone of lipstick. Still usable.

  7. Boo thats horrible :( like other people have said, I would try it over a lip primer or a lipstick, and if it still does the same thing then it's officially unsalvageable

  8. Sarbeauty- I think it's way too watery for a primer! x

    Deb- That's very true, I'll probably try and layer it over lipstick but there is a fear it'll probably mess the lipstick up! x

    Porcelaine- Sounds good and the Lancome is probably a better texture and finish. x

    Lillian Funny Face- I do agree, I love Miss Sporty Nail Polishes though! x

    Evil Angel- It may be a little hard with the formula I must say. x

    SilhouetteScreams- Looks so gross doesn't it? lol x

  9. First I was thrilled to see this because even I can buy some Miss Sporty in Hungray, but this review was very useful not to spend money on it:(

  10. I love your blog,it´s amazing,you are so cute .congratulations from brazil.

  11. That sucks! They seemed promising. :-(
    Oh well.

  12. Vanessa D- Aww thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. x

  13. I actually liked these lip glosses - I don't own the black one, but I like to put a little of the blue over black lipstick. It creates quite a nice, dark, inky effect :)
    I love your blog! I've just found it, and I'll definitely be a frequent visitor x