Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Little EOTD & Another Update.

Shadows Used- H&M Turquoise palette (it has loads of other colours in there too), Bloom Eskimo, Cover Girl Shimmering Onyx.

So there won't be some posting for a while but hopefully not that long..days not weeks :)
My whole house is being rewired and that involves a pain in the bum load of work to do. I love my clutter and privacy so it's going to be stressful, everything has to be moved and packed away.


  1. Love those colours together!

    Oh God, how stressful. I hate having to pack things up- hence I hate moving house. I hate people having to come into my house too, I'm private like that...

  2. This is really pretty and soft.
    I hope that things go well for you with the house.

  3. Good luck with the house stuff. You look amazing. These colours are divine together. :-D

  4. I hope the house stuff isnt too painful :( it drove me up the wall when we had a guy re-tiling our bathroom.

    I love this colour combo, I would never think to pair those colours together!

  5. GAH! I love my clutter junks too, I dont like people messing with it or CHANGE! Change is bad. On the plus side, that eyeshadow combo is frikkin fantastic :D

  6. Oh that looks so gorgeous! LOVE it! :) x

  7. That is one awesome EOTD! I love how you make all those colours work for you!

  8. RaeRae- Glad to know there is others like me. :)

    Phyrra- Aw, Thanks! x

    BLIX- Oo thanks you x

    KittenMittens- Thanks :) Change is extremely BAD in my opinion too. x

    tackyblueeyeshadow- Aw thank you. x

    Musicalhouses-Wow, thanks so much. x

  9. SilhoutteScreams- Thanks, I usually randomly select a couple of colours and just put them together if they go or not. x