Monday, 15 March 2010

Blue Truffle EOTD & A Big Ole Ouch!

Shadows Used- FrontCover Rainbow Eyes Palette (Blanc De Blanc, Chocolate Truffle, French Blue), Cover Girl Shimmering Onyx.

The ouch thing? Well It all happened when I was opening a new cutlery set, half my thumb nail completely tore off.
Below is my thumb nail on the other hand, the one that died was a little longer than this nail.

Now if you're squeamish do not click the picture down below, it's quite gross and yes it doesn't look like my nails will be painted for a while. Nail polish is China Glaze - He's Going In Circles.

(Click here to see it)


  1. That looks like it hurts so much! I hate it when nails rip below the quick, it stings something awful. That nail polish looks gorgeous though.

    Pretty EOTD! I like the little hint of brown :)

  2. That looks really painful! I was always afraid with my gel nails that I manage to snap them like that.

    Nice EOTD :)

  3. Ouch! I've something similar happen to me, so I knew how badly that can hurt.

    You EOTD is lovely, however.

  4. Ouch!

    The eye look is lovely, though

  5. What a pretty, pretty look!
    And OUCH! poor you that looks so painful :( hope it feels better soon.

  6. I will admit, I didn't have the balls to see the hurt finger :) I get a sick feeling when I see things like that and start to go nonononono! lol


    On the plus side, the EOTD is absolutely GORGEOUS. Seriously, the colour choice and placement and blending is perfect *steals*

  8. Wooow I love that blue eye makeup, wonderful!

    I have just left a little present for You on my blog, here:

  9. Your eyes look so lovely with blues.

    Sorry about your booboo!

  10. Omg ouch. D: Ouch a million times. D:

    Anyway, the look is fabulous!

  11. RaeRae- The sting is the worst part I have to say and thank you! x

    Duvessa- Gel nails definitely interest me. :)

    Deb-It's just one of those things I guess but it's the first time I've broken it as deep. x

    Phyrra- Why, thank you! x

    Lillian Funny Face- Thank you :)
    I think the main part is that I peed off I can't do my nails lol. x

    KittenMittens- Heh heh that's why I made it optional. x

    SilhouetteScreams- I've seen a million times worse but yep it's a nail painter stopper. Aww and thanks! x

    Dirgesinger- Whoa thanks so much! I'll be checking it out. xx

    BLIX- Heh thanks :)

    Julissa- Thank you! x