Friday, 5 February 2010

Soap & Glory Catch A Wrinkle In Time Day Moisturiser

Soap & Glory seem to do it again and again making gorgeous products.
Now this is a new daily favourite, for the winter months.
You don't have to wait around to start applying the makeup as this thing sinks in straight away leaving you with a extra soft, non greasy, smooth makeup base.
This daily moisturiser is very light creamy and ever so silky, to top that off it delivers a beautiful scent of what I'd describe as Lemon Tarts, yum!
It has some lovely anti-ageing properties such as Tri-Peptides and Wrinkle-Repair Youth Booster, which sound all so good to me.
My only complaint I have on this is the fact that it doesn't contain any SPF.
I'd be stunned if they'd ever bring out a good sunblock with a formula like this, it would be a dream, fingers crossed. :)


  1. S&G packaging sucks me in every time! It's all just too cute.

  2. Their packaging is always so adorable :D and I love the names for the products.

    Hmm, I wonder if they're available in Australia...

  3. Kelly/PlaneBeauty- Tell me about it. I love their witty way of wording too. :)

    SilhoutteScreams- I know it's available in the UK & US so hopefully it's over where you are too. If not they've got to get round there! x

  4. i've never seen this in the stores here before, but it looks interesting! thanks for the review :) xx

  5. oooppss there are these famous carcinogens and endocrin disturbers called "parabens" in it. sorry but thumbs down for this product:(

  6. There's mixed reviews on Parabens, but they have been in cosmetics for years and are in most things. Some of them are found naturally in plants and the more you read about it the more it drags on and on. Nothing is safe. :-/