Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Saffron 12 Colour Eyeshadows Palettes

(Click Pics To Enlarge)

So these palettes have swarmed Ebay lately and I've been eager to try them with such success I've got with other cheap brand La Femme.
I purchased two of the 12 eyeshadow palettes in 04 and 05.
Since I only paid £1 each for these, I don't think there is much to lose even though I didn't swatch and I cannot find a site of the brand so I can't tell you much about that.

The shadows are extremely pearly, bright and fun shades as you can see from the palette pictures. The colour pay off is very good, soft and very easy to blend, it is very powdery though and I wouldn't say that's a bad thing as you can pick up more of the pigment on your brush.

Now the main thing that strikes me is the fact that they have quite a strong odour like very perfumed baby wipes and talc, which really puts me off having scented eyes, if it was for lips I wouldn't of minded.
I'm currently undecided whether to use them on my eyes or not but saying that I've had no irritation from doing the swatches. I have heard that Amuse cosmetics which are available from Cherry Culture weirdly have scented shadows but then again extremely pigmented.
Are they covering up a nasty stench or do they think it's pleasing to have scented eyes? Hmmm...


  1. Oooh theyre so pearly and shiny and pretty ^_^

    That's so weird about the smell though, my guess is that there's an even more horrible scent underneath. Does the smell go away after you apply the shadow to your eyes? Who would want scented eyeballs LOL

  2. I agree, you can still smell it when it's applied so I'm still having mixed feelings.
    It's a shame though because other then the scent it's a lovely formula of shadow. x