Monday, 22 February 2010

*~Olive & Pink EOTD~*

So I finally found the reason why my eyes water, maybe because my hair likes to go in my eyes!
Also I'm not that keen on Cover Girl Lash Blast as much any more, I find it clumps way too easily.

Shadows Used- Collection 2000 Poptastic Palette, Bloom Eskimo and No7 Heavenly Palette.


  1. Such a gorgeous look! Thick liner looks great on you, it looks stupid on me :(

  2. Oooo I love these colours together... Lovely :)

  3. I really like the colors used and your color placement.

  4. I always want to say that your looks are so romantic, but I think it's actually your eyes! Very sultry. You do such a good job with blending.

  5. I know I've said this before, but your lower lashes are AMAZING.

    I agree with Blix, your eyes do look all romantic and ~come hither :)

  6. Kelly/PlaneBeauty- Aww, It probably looks thicker as I don't put black liner on my waterline because it just makes my eyes look really tiny. x

    RaeRae- Aww thanks, I wasn't sure about it though. x

    Phyrra- Thank you! x

    BLIX- Awww so sweet, thank you! x

    SilhouetteScreams- Wow *blushes* thank you, I do think my bottom lashes look really clumpy in this one hence Lash Blast. x