Saturday, 20 February 2010

George Velvet Eyeshadows

Most of us are aware that George has clothing for Asda the Brit version of Walmart. They also have a makeup line in selected stores. Their nail polish are probably raved about most but I think their shadows need a look in too.
These shadows are super super pigmented, you barely have to touch them to get strong swipe of shadow. They are very extremely soft too. My only complaint of these are that they're quite crumbly when you put the brush to the pan, which I know some you don't like, to be honest I'm not bothered about it, as I can just blow or tap off the excess.
I did unfortunately drop one of them which was a dead ringer of MAC's Black Tied and it completely shattered to bits, so the shadow itself is very fragile so do take care.
I would like some more of them in my collection due to a lovely colour selection, insane pigment and very inexpensive. The packaging on these are pink but I've noticed they're starting to change these to black, they have a button on cases that opens them up so no broken nails to open them.

No.13 Punk Rocker- Icey medium pink

No.7 Candy - Pearly White Lavender

No.16 Aquatic- Out there shimmery aquamarine

No.11 Glow- Glowed out burnt soft tan


  1. You really do find some cheap gems, don't you?! Gonna have to check if my ASDA at home does makeup- sadly we only have a Morrison's in my uni town, and they don't do makeup... Rubbish.

  2. oOoo I love the pink and blue ones!

  3. OMG Aquatic and Glow are simply gorgeous!

    I kinda lol'd when I read the name George. Then again, in my brain I imagined it in this really funny monotone voice. XD

  4. They don't have this in my local annoying! The swatches look lovely. x

  5. Phyrra- Thanks :)

    RaeRae- Oh Asda At Home will definitely have them, that's where I got mine! I remember Morrisons used to have their own line of makeup but they got rid of it, it's a shame because their lippies were very nice! x

    KittenMittens- Glad you like! :)

    SilhoutteScreams- Haha I know what you mean. :D

    tackyblueeyeshadow- Aw, shame maybe when your out of town be on the lookout. x

  6. I've never heard of this brand but they look nice and frosty. :-)

  7. I deffo agree with going to Asda at home, not only does my local one have george makeup but also a massive range of Nailene stuff too for some reason!

  8. I don't think I've ever seen these in US Walmart stores even though they do have the George clothing. In fact, I immediately recognized the logo from the clothing line, and I was like "Huh?" What surprises me is that they would be pigmented.
    US Walmart stores do have the resurrected Hard Candy line. I've tried a few of those products and they're not bad. The nail polish is probably my favorite item from the collection.

  9. Blix- They are, but ever so nice. x

    Sarah x- Oh I've noticed, I reckon they could fit a lot more makeup brands in though. :)

    Deb-I really hope we get Hard Candy over here *crosses fingers* I'm really surprised that the US doesn't have George cosmetics, since I knew they already have the clothing line and there's obviously more Walmarts then there is Asdas! x