Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Boots No7 Spring Collection Haul

Every season No7 decides to bring out a Limited Edition Collection. I think this one has to be the most unique so far. You can tell straight away from the lovely marble design packaging, though they could of added a mirror in the compacts.
There were some mineral lipsticks with this collection but they were all sadly sold out in the Boots I went too.
Baked Minerals is what they were going for in this collection, usually baked powders are usually very hard and rough in texture and just really bad pigment pay off. These are the opposite!

Natural Radiance Highlighter- A domed intense pigmented highlighter that will suit both warm and cool tones.
The consistency is very smooth and blends like butter. There isn't no chunks of glitter this just all reflective glow!

Natural Radiance Eye Palette- Gorgeous baked ball pans of fresh Spring colours. These are very soft and luminous and have descent colour pay off.

If you spent at least £22 you get this gift with purchase and usually Boots are very generous points and all. :)
The bag opens up with one large deep pocket with added two zipped pockets.

High Shine Lip Gloss in Smile- A really nice size of lipgloss which is a medium dull pink and indeed very shiny.
Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Khaki- Which is more of a nice Antiqued Gold than Khaki


  1. I'd spend £22 just to get the bag, it's very pretty! That highlighter is very nice to

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that little eyeshadow quads. Some stores here is the US just started carrying some Boots No7 things, which are all on huge discount right now. I'm hoping that mean they will be bringing in newer stuff!

  3. *whispers* I bought a back up of that highlighter- I LOVE it!

  4. I got that freebie when I bought my mirror! I love the bag, and I'm in love with the gloss- it suits me really well.

    I love the packaging on the collection, but the shadow colours are a bit 'meh' for me. Maybe I'll invest in the highlighter...

  5. Kelly/PlaneBeauty- I think it was mostly the gloss I wanted lol. x

    Heather / Eyeconic- They should start bring out LE's considering the brands been over there for a while now. I think it's a lot cheaper in the US too. x

    mizzworthy- I think I might have to get one too *hides* hopefully there will still be some left for when it goes on sale. x

    RaeRae- I have had No7 mirror for over a year now and the light still hasn't gone *touch wood* x

  6. Im not digging the marble packaging, but ugh I've been lusting for that highlighter since seeing it on Mizzworthy's blog.

  7. Oh the highlighter is incredible. :)