Sunday, 28 February 2010

Blistex Lip Massage

Blistex seems to be one of the biggest lip care range in the UK and from about £2 so and so mark you can grab this fun and unusual product.

The massage tip applicator is very different to anything I've owned before. It's like a firm rubber with a few slightly embossed ridges. It's intended to smooth away rough spots but for that to work there should of been a lot more ridges, despite that I would recommend it as it's a very yummy moisturising balm with added SPF 10.

To get started you have to twist the bottom a fair amount of times, much like a click pen lipgloss but without the clicking.
The smell is very fruity and tastes sweet too, but it isn't an unpleasant taste. There's a refreshing cooling sensation when applied to the lips. The texture is quite thick but slippery and absolutely no stickiness, the finish has a subtle gloss look to it.

*remember to enlarge pics*


  1. Whoa, that ~massage tip is really bizarre O_O it's cool though! I love that it has SPF too.

  2. That massage tip isn't going to get rid of any dry spots, is it? How silly. Probably feels quite nice though.

  3. SilhoutteScreams- Oh it is bizarre, I wonder if any other brands will do something like this...hmm x

    RaeRae- It does feel nice but yep the getting rid of rough spots is far too soft for that. x