Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayons

So these are the new fat pencils from Barry M!
I purchased 3 colours Ballet Pink, Scarlet Red and Party Pink, which are at £4.95 each.
They currently have 5 shades in their line.

Party Pink N04- Has to be my favourite of the bunch, it's beautiful jelly like formula and moisturising.
The colour is a bright fuchsia with pretty lighter pink flecks.

Scarlett Red No1- Is very pigmented but hard to work with, it doesn't glide straight to your lips and is quite tacky. Beautiful colour though which is a scarlet metallic sparkled red.

Ballet Pink No5- Which is my least favourite and is very sheer. It will show up every lip flaw, even ones which you didn't know you had. It made my lips look flaketastic. It's a pretty colour so I might have to see if it will work for me with a lipgloss on top. The colour is a Iced pale fairy pink with blue undertones.

Quite disappointed to be honest and did expect better, as I'm in love with all the other Barry M products that I have.
The Lip Lacquers do have a beautiful colour selection and hopefully I'll make the ones I didn't like work paired with other lip products. Party Pink is definitely a thumbs up!


  1. Love love love that hot pink one!! If I wasn't on a spending ban I would be on my way to get one of those right now!

  2. Party Pink N04 is probably one of my favorite shades of pink!

  3. Party pink is very pretty on you. These do not interest me at all, I'll stick to my lipsticks :) The colour selection isn't wide enough either, none of them appeal to me

  4. The colors are pretty, but I would have guessed that a crayon would be dry and hard to work with. At least you got one of them to work out for you.

  5. I got no 4 and it is stunning, also got the pale pink one and no 2, I find them to be dry so best used with a lipbalm underneath. Really don't like the pale on at all, it's just one big stick of frost lol.

  6. I love the concept of these, but it sucks that they're so hit and miss D:

    Party Pink N04 looks amazing on you, and I think I would get the red one regardless of its faults ;D

  7. BeauMakeUp- Aww, you're strong willed especially where makeup is concerned. x

    Phyrra- I especially love bright pinks in makeup! You rock them especially! x

    Kelly/PlaneBeauty- As much as I love lipsticks I love the idea of a big pencil as it's lippy and lip liner in one. :)

    Deb- Mind you Rimmel used to make some lovely big jelly pencils and they are so easy to use and I still have some of them. x

    Small Town Girl- It would of been nicer if it had a more cream and intensity to it. :)

    BLIX- Party Pink would look gorgeous on you! x

    SilhouetteScreams- Thank you! :)
    Scarlet Red is a very vivid shade just very stubborn. :(

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