Saturday, 2 January 2010

TBS Sale Haul & Happy 2010!

Say bye to the 'Noughties' and hello to the um.... Tennies....Tenners or maybe Nu-Tens? I wonder what we will call this decade?

Anyway I hope you all had a 'Happy New Year' and didn't get too drunk :P

To start my first post for this year with a haul from The Body Shop. They actually had quite a few bargains and this is what I got. *Click to Enlarge*

Blush Trio in Cool Dusk- A very pretty baked shimmered pinked out blush. This is truly pigmented and gives your a flush of highlight and blush in one stroke. I think this is from the 'Summer' collection.
Mixed Together

Eye Trio in Moonlight Lustre- I think this should have been called Mermaid Lagoon. The delicate reflective colours and shimmered pearls just remind me of a mermaid scene.

Hot Bright Eye Liner in 02- Not all of their makeup have names. I'm unsure of what collection is from. Anyway I think these pencils are ok, not great. Nice colours but comes out sort of crumbly and uneven. Maybe they'll work a little better if I warm them up before applying.
This colour is a medium metallic blue and the other side is a sparkled icy blue. You can't really see the glitter in the swatch for some reason.

Hot Brights Eye Liner in 01- Mauve shades, they actually look the same in the swatches. Surprisingly both the colours are very similar in real life too, being one that's darker and the other a little lighter with slight glitter.

Metallic Eyeliner in 01- This is a beautiful pigmented rich copper that just glides on and lives up to it's name 'Metallic'. It has a brush applicator.

Black Velvet Apricot Lip Balm- Absolutely delicious and moisturising like mostly all Body Shop balms. The smell is like a fresh dessert apricot and tastes lovely without being too overpowering.

Nutmeg And Vanilla Lip Balm- Taste gorgeous and smells like a spiced festive vanilla pudding.


  1. oooo pretty, I didn't see any of the baked shimmer thingys at our stores, I grabbed a bunch of holiday clearout home oils and a couple of the glitter mascara/eyeliner duo thingys. I love sales!

  2. Those blushes remind me of the MSFs! But cheaper. ;)

    And there was a discussion in the paper about this decade and apparently in 1910 they called it just the tens. I hope they think of something better. ;P

    Great haul!

  3. oo I didn't see those lipbalms I will have a look in the sale and see if there are any left as they look lovely. I agree about the trio it is soo mermaidy lol xx

  4. I have never gotten anything from The Body Shop, those lip balms sounds nice though!

  5. You remind me that I haven't been to Body Shop for their after Xmas sale. Don't think there'll be anything left, but great haul!

  6. AxSDenied- I think it varies from store to store. Their oils are gorgeous. Love the strawberry. x

    Bicky- I was thinking the same :)

    Also thanks for the info, I kind of thought they'd call it something boring. x

    Sarah x- I forgot about how nice their balms are. I remember having a turquoise coloured mint one when I was younger and whoa was it yummy. I wish they'd make it again.

    Heather- The balms are the best place to start in my opinion. :)

    Halifax- They had more sale stuff then anything else in my local. x